Austin Texas : PhotoPoem # 1 : “New Years Eve 2012, New Years Day 2013”

Love Before the Fourth of JulyAustin Texas PhotoPoems Series, #1 “New Years Eve 2012, New Years Day 2013”

Pictured Left : New – Love Before the Fourth of July, short story set in Galveston Texas

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Austin Texas : PhotoPoem # 1 :

“New Years Eve 2012, New Years Day 2013”


Small Trail in the Big City © Felipe Adan Lerma
Small Trail in the Big City
© Felipe Adan Lerma


“Finding the New in the Old Homestead”

we left texas two years ago, the

flat coastal plain around galveston

the rough and rolly hills and

byways in austin –



onto the mountains and snows of


then left there also

to the

wonders of paris –

what could we possibly find new in austin texas?

that is our challenge, and we gladly

accept it 😉

bridge walks reminding us of tiny

cobblestone streets in paris

and tucked away paths

in the woods

of vermont

friends, old and young

2000 and 8000 miles away

so much like friends


2 and 8 blocks


the differences and connections

more than the newest

place to eat

are bringing us our new year

© 2013 felipe adan lerma


linked to dVersePoets OpenLinkNight Week 77 – happy new year!! – hosted by dear Claudia


Preview of “Love Before the Fourth of July”


Austin, We’ve Back!

a quick post to say we’re back in the U.S.A.!

still waiting to move into a set place, have our vermont things sent to us, and hopefully next week have our internet etc set up

i picked this image cause it reminded me of my paris post about small streets, big treats

this is the pedestrian walk that runs along an extremely busy river crossing bridge in austin (among many), the First Street Bridge

and this is about an hour and a half before the new year’s fireworks

we went back to our room shortly after this shot and watched the display from our room at an extended stay, but we got a nice first-night-out walk, and re-acquaintance with austin

hopefully, my mid jan, i’ll be up and running, have our furniture and things, and begin to settle down

best wishes ya’ll 😉

and the best of new years!



Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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  1. Ah, the art of finding the rich amidst the familiar. A time away can freshen the mind/eye — well, for a while. The art of joyous attention is arduous!
    Welcome back! I thought you were permanently in Paris. Do you have a bio page? Sounds interesting.


  2. i think one of the keys for a happy life is to find beauty in wherever we are at the moment…and looks like you’ve mastered this sometimes not so easy task well…smiles


  3. austin is a cool place…i love texas…spent quite a bit of time there when i worked for citi…would love to go back as i am sure there is plenty more for me/us to uncover there…who knows, may happen as T wants to go there too…hope you have plenty of new adventure there….i am sure you will…


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