New Short Story Set in Austin: “The Children (Shorts) The Concert”

The Concert medNew Short Story Set in Austin, Texas: “The Children (Shorts) The Concert”

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Prequel short story to the novel, “The Children.”

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New Short Story Set in Austin:

“The Children (Shorts) The Concert”



First Prequel in “The Children” series

this is an extra fun thing i’ve come across to do, write short stories to go with my novels

the key for me at this time is to tie in the stories to existing or upcoming novels

since most of my new fictional work features the extended family first introduced in my novel, “the children,” it felt right to do some short stories that presented background of interest about the characters

“the children” itself is a series of novels, with a second novel nearly 2/3’s written, and a third in the outline stage

“the children (shorts)” will be a series of short stories with the same cast of young characters

this first short, “the concert” is set in austin, and is a fun quick read

i hope you’ll try it and enjoy 😉


Traveling, Paris, Austin, Vermont, Galveston, Houston and Interactions

one of my main concerns, on returning to austin, after a year and a half both in galveston, then in vermont, followed by over a month in paris, was what, if anything, would be new to me coming back to austin

certainly the only thing that’s changed about the heat and traffic, is they’ve intensified 😉

what is new though, is having a comparative base

where as i’ve always had somewhat of a true distinction, between growing up in houston, and living in galveston and austin a nearly 18 years each, they were still texas, still hot most the year, and still places i had seen change and grow as i myself got older

ie, they were familiar and similar, even if with very distinct differences i could differentiate, write about, and do different imagery about

but now, with a nice amount of time in vermont, and a lingering touch of time in paris, i have real comparisons within me

it will be interesting, both in my writing and my image work, to see how i position the more endearing aspects of all these locations

this short story, “the concert” lets me bring some of the early excitement of being in austin to light, via the young eyes of the characters in this short 😉



Preview, “The Concert” – one of four short stories set in Texas, prequels to the novel, “The Children”


Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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  1. nice…i really like the concept of your book…the short stories used to provide the back stories….very cool adan…and its easy for me to get into a short story as well…and that would motivate me to read the larger books….it will be interesting as well to see how location ties into your new works….happy saturday man


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