Captioned Photos # 5 – The Super Moon of 2013

Upholding the Constitution, PoetryCaptioned Photos # 5 – The Super Moon of 2013


Pictured Left : “Upholding the Constitution, Poetry”

Happy upcoming Fourth of July!

Available in eBook.

Original poetry celebrating the people who defend our right to live by the rule of law: police officers, service personnel, firemen, and yes, even lawyers. 😉

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A constitution is an articulated document defining how a group of people have decided they are live by.

May all the people who strive for a life of peace and fairness and opportunity, whether in Mexico, the U.S., or anywhere else int he world, benefit from their own constitution as they originally desired.


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Captioned Photos # 5

The Super Moon of 2013



Super Moon 2013, Springdale Farm, Austin Texas
Super Moon 2013, Springdale Farm, Austin Texas

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At a friends retirement part last night, we had the great fortune not only to wish her well on your new life, but to catch the biggest moon of the year.

Springdale Farm, in east Austin, evidently not only knows organic from the Earth, but happened to offer us a fabulous view of, if the Moon is an accurate symbol of our emotional life, the biggest outpouring of emotional life into our lives this year.

True or not, by believing it was possible, and enjoying our friend’s fabulous release, after a lifetime of work, from the work-a-day routine, we all sensed the heightened moon’s light.

Happy Biggest Full Moon of Year ya’ll –

Happy Super Moon! 🙂


namaste´- con dios – god be with you


Adan at Thompson Park Bridge Vermont

Adan in Stowe Vermont, Autumn 2012


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    • that’s so funny 🙂 i know, most my moon images are fairly small (combo of a small compact and shaky hands), so i try to compensate via composition of other things around it

      i also didn’t use a flash, to let the lens pick up some of the color in the shadows, and the extended time creates a kinda impressionist blur i like; so i’ve adapted to what i have and can do 🙂

      and believe me, with my particular camera, that moon “usually” looks a lot smaller!

      either way, happy super moon rosemary


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