Like Vermont? I Have These Books on Scribd – Previews

Prop Master, Where's the Liqueur? medLike Vermont?

I Have These Books on Scribd – Previews


Pictured Left : Prop Master, Where’s the Liqueur?

Available now on Scribd, via Smashwords

Available on AudioBook later this year.


“the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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Like Vermont?

I Have These Books on Scribd – Previews


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My Scribd titles :

My currently available 56 titles of short stories and novels, and poetry and photopoems are now all easily accessible via Scribd’s subscription plan.

Below are my titles related to Vermont.

Other than a few larger works, most are small, some almost tiny, readable and viewable (many have images with verse) in short spaces of time.

I spent an extended stay in my wife’s home state of Vermont recently, a year and a half, and found the people and the area as unique and beautiful as herself.  So much of my recent photography has come from Vermont, rivaling that from Paris.  And recently, its setting have give birth to my first group of mystery suspense short stories.  Though my very first (light) crime mystery is “Dirty Sixth Street, Austin,” it’s powered by a protagonist from Vermont.  She features in all my mystery / suspense shorts to-date.

With a subscription, you have limitless access to all my work, counting as sales for me.

As Scribd says at the top right of each page :

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy reading this book knowing that your

subscription is helping support authors!

And as always, my work is also available on major participating outlets via traditional sales.

They are located on my Authors Pages, and listed on the right side of each blog post.


Vermont related titles :

Love’s Travels – Vermont Paris Austin

Hello, Darling

Sound From Nowhere

A Month of Mornings Vol 1

Prop Master, Where’s the Liqueur?

PhotoPoems Book One Seven Volumes

American Robins Arriving in Vermont – The First Swoop of Spring, A Photo Memoir

Preview :


Preview :


My Scribd Author’s Page is available, online or in your app.

My free Vermont photography article on Scribd.

Vermont Photos

Leddy Park, Autumn © felipe adan lerma
Leddy Park, Autumn © felipe adan lerma


namaste´- con dios – god be with you

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