Like Mysteries and Suspense? I Have These Short Stories on Scribd – Previews

Prop Master, Where's the Liqueur? medLike mysteries and suspense?

I have these short stories on Scribd – Previews

Mystery Suspense shorts featuring Samantha (Sam)


Pictured Left : Prop Master, Where’s the Liqueur?

Available now on Scribd, via Smashwords

Available on AudioBook later this year.


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Like Mysteries and Suspense?

I Have These Short Stories on Scribd – Previews

Mystery Suspense Shorts featuring

Samantha (Sam)



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My Scribd titles :

This is a slightly different style book than my other fiction.

* It’s female first person.

* Mild mystery suspense stories.

* And yet involves most of the six young cousins in my other work.

How the stories evolve :

They met her near Sixth Street in Austin.

Zilker, the youngest of the six cousins had been robbed of his camera.  Sam (Samantha) is in town for a convention, which is a pre-text for interviewing for a job in Austin, hoping to move from Vermont.

The three stories following “Dirty Sixth Street, Austin” are set in Vermont (Vermont Shorts) – episodes where she tells the six young children that she’s befriended, about her growing up in Vermont.

These stories are an interesting blend of first person narrative of events in her past, while interacting in the present with the children as she tells them the stories.

The stories themselves are light mysteries with suspense.


Below is some short info on Scribd, plus two embedded previews.


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Samantha (Sam) Mystery Suspense shorts :

(in order of occurrence)

Dirty Sixth Street, Austin

Hello, Darling

The Sound From Nowhere

Prop Master, Where’s the Liqueur?

Preview :


Preview :


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