“One Night in the Hill Country” – Now Available! Pre-Pricing Continuing Until Gift Purchases Process

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“One Night in the Hill Country” – Now Available!

Pre-Pricing Continuing Until Gift Purchases Process


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A novella, “One Night in the Hill Country.”


Also Available in Kindle Unlimited


Original fiction, photo-memoirs, and poetry by Felipe Adan Lerma

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“One Night in the Hill Country” – Now Available!

Pre-Pricing Continuing Until Gift Purchases Process

October 21, 2014

Category – Thriller


Gift Purchases Still Processing

My intent was to keep my pre-release price of $2.99 for my new thriller through the release date this past Sunday.

However, it appears that not all the gift purchases are processing, or at least showing up in my reporting data.

If I increase my pricing before the gift subscriptions are redeemed or processed, the recipient won’t be able to purchase my new book without paying additional monies on their own, which isn’t the intent of the gift purchases.

So for now, pre-order pricing for “One Night in the Hill Country” remains at $2.99.

It is also available free for subscribers of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited.

Those are some pretty good reasons to try out the new book –

Besides that readers are reporting they like it 🙂

Thanks so much everyone!



In “One Night in the Hill Country,” a suspense thriller, Sam (Samantha) takes four young cousins to the Texas Hill Country to search for a kitten, visit some vineyards, and enjoy a Saturday afternoon. They encounter a mis-guided effort by brother and sister, Rolf and Tara, to use illegal immigrant children as bait to catch men who would abuse those children. Cultures clash and mesh among the children, while the adults play for life and death.


General Reader Info –

A 3000 word, story-content sample, is available on my site, at :

One Night in the Hill Country, a Thriller : 3000 Word Sample.


For Reviewers –

A complimentary review copy can be provided to book and arts related reviewers. Please send a link or links to your review site.

Review copy would be notated “Review Copy” on the copyright page. And review should note at the beginning that a review copy was provided.

Please send information to yoga (dot) adan (at) gmail (dot) com


thanks everyone 🙂



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