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Requests for Reviews

October 28, 2014

Category – Book Reviews


Reviews are Part of Word-of-Mouth

I posted a comment this past weekend on Emily Guido’s site – in the comments section to a post where she featured me. I had written a short piece about Sam (Samantha), the female lead in my new thriller.

I probably said it about as well as I can (smiles) so I’ve re-posted my comment below.

I hope you’ll take a quick look, and see if this is something that might appeal to you.

Thank you! Sincerely,



I’ll be offering a complimentary code for any of my over a dozen audio books, via Audible, Amazon’s audio book division, to anyone who reads and reviews my new thriller, One Night in the Hill Country.

I’ll have a list of audio books to choose from on the same post. There’s a limited number of codes I have for each audio book, and you can choose anyone you like!

Pro, con, or mixed, the review itself will only need to be honest and constructive.

Just say why you feel good, bad, or mixed about my book, post it on Amazon, and send me the link to the review – that’s it 🙂

Saying why you like or not like or feel a little of both helps both other readers, and myself.

Thanks so much! (smiles).


How Reviews Can Be Good


This is kinda obvious. Even when a review is marginal or un-approving of the work, if

There’s constructive criticism. Sometimes what one person likes, is another reader’s preference.

Feedback for Future Work

I like feedback.

Sometimes I change what I wrote right away, and other times not at all, but almost always, if the critique is constructive, I mull it over and over within my creative process, and something good comes from it – even if a bit slowly at times (smiles).


While Code Allotment Lasts : Free Audio Book with Constructive Review


Just write a constructive review, meaning why you liked or didn’t like or had a little of both feelings, about “One Night in the Hill Country” on Amazon.

Send me the link.

Tell me which audio book below you would like a complimentary code for, and an alternate.

And that’s it. (smiles)

If both your choices are gone, I’ll let you know promptly and see which other title you might like.

Thank you so much. This will be incredibly helpful for myself and for other readers.



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namaste´- con dios – god be with you (smiles)

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