Surprise Benefit Writing For Joe Konrath and Ann Voss Peterson’s Kindle Worlds

an unforseen afternoon full coverSurprise Benefit Writing For Joe Konrath and Ann Voss Peterson’s Kindle Worlds


An Unforeseen Afternoon

Kindle World short with my character, Samantha (Sam) Lacroix with Joe Konrath and Ann Voss Peterson’s character, Chandler.

Iconic Codename Chandler meets Texas transplant Samantha (Sam) Lacroix at a high school under siege in Chicago. Action and interaction boil and overflow over each other in this fast paced, witty encounter between two experienced crime fighters. Having to deal with four kids (teens and younger) caught in the cross-fire, is just a bonus.


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Surprise Benefit Writing For

Joe Konrath and Ann Voss Peterson’s Kindle Worlds


May 18, 2015

Increased Exposure is Not a Surprise, Ratcheting Up My Writing Was

Increased Exposure

This was a given, or at least an assumption of something I would benefit from: exposure to the fans of the author from whose work I was using a character to write a story.

Certainly besides new readers, I also benefited from exposure to other writers interested in the same genre, thriller-suspense. More specifically to writers that enjoy work from Joe Konrath and/or Ann Voss Peterson

Joe recently had Ann guest post on his blog. As usual, the comment thread itself was worth following. There was a legitimate question of whether authors participating in Kindle Worlds would suffer a dilution in their character.

I had been working a multi-month full time temp job and hadn’t had a chance to post a comment until the day after the blog post, but did get to join in and say I didn’t feel that was the case for me.

I mentioned that “My most surprising realization was, putting my own internal characters into words with characters I’ve read and enjoyed, required me to internalize what I had only before read and felt, but not re-expressed in my own style and writing.”

Benefiting My Writing

I believe anyone who has done any creative work in any art field, and probably anywhere in one’s life, knows the feeling of experiencing a work of art and wishing they could do something like that.

More specifically, experience the creation of something like what they read or saw or heard.

That’s what happened to me writing my two short stories (somewhat related story thread and continuing) for both Joe and Ann’s respective Kindle Worlds.

Needing to internally live through (write new fiction) how I had experienced Jacqueline Daniels and Chandler’s fictional worlds when I’d read them, while maintaining my character’s integrity and concerns, made me be able to write fiction I figured I’d eventually be able to pull off, but found myself being able to do now.

I internalized a skill set I desired: action thriller.

Not in the super fantastical world of either Jack Daniels or Chandler.

But in the everyday world I’m more familiar with –  and – have my own thriller character, Samantha (Sam) Lacroix, in.


an unforseen afternoon full cover

CodeName: Chandler Kindle World

An Unforeseen Afternoon


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An Unforeseen-Conventional Morning



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