It’s Been a Long Night of Hate, and Dawn Has Just Begun to Break

One Night in the Hill Country med v3It’s Been a Long Night of Hate, and Dawn Has Just Begun to Break

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Thriller novella, set in Texas.

Immigrant and illegal children caught in a mad man’s plan to stop child abuse. Featuring former police officer Samantha (Sam) Lacroix.


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It’s Been a Long Night of Hate

and Dawn Has Just Begun to Break


July 23, 2015

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I’ve allowed the recent surge of hate and scapegoating against Hispanic immigrants, which had earlier been trending vs gays and blacks and people wanting health care and clean food and air and peace, to finally roll me over and begin to make me sick.

It’s time for me to refocus back to the positive.

I’d felt, for a very long time, I might have been remiss, negligent even, not speaking out against the myriad of injustices, misconceptions, and even just simple misunderstandings in our world. My world anyway.

And with the rise of people like Donald Trump, who I had admired as far back as I first knew about him via TV, turning toward hate and scapegoating to further their own ends, I felt I had to speak out.

There seemed too much danger he might succeed.

And history has clearly shown us what charismatic leaders using hate and division can lead to.

But there seems no end to people who first don’t want things that are illegal, then continue to oppose programs and people and ideas even if they are or do become legal, whether it be with immigration, health care, guidelines for corporate abuse, or even the constitution and citizenship.

Fortunately, there seems to be a groundswell of commentators now against, among so many things: black injustice, sexism, Hispanic hysteria, and unrelenting warfare.

I need to return to my own creative spiritual roots –

Sunset Austin Texas listing with sigCreating images and stories.

Ones that either uplift, or give one a chance to view complex questions from new sides of thought and belief.

Human nature is simultaneously both simple and beyond our own comprehension.

It takes, I believe, the arts to most fully find ways of expressing what we are.

What we are capable of.

Lines and fields of colors evoking unspoken thoughts and feelings.

Words of descriptions and dialog and action.

Movement of joy in dancing.

Life. As it can be.

For if we do not find our way out from the hatred consuming our planet and wars fueled by greed or religious belief AND have visions of how we as people can live together on this planet, then we will perish.

The sun cannot boil beyond a point without exploding.

And we, tiny important lives that we are –

Cannot either.



namaste´- con dios – god be with you



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