You’re Not Alone: An Indie Author Anthology: Reviews Links and Excerpts, Part 1 – 100% of Proceeds to Charity

you're not alone coverYou’re Not Alone: An Indie Author Anthology: Reviews Links and Excerpts, Part 1 – 100% of Proceeds to Charity

(from product page description) : An international group of indie authors, inspired by the personal grief of one, decided to collaborate in the spring of 2015 in a project to create this multi-genre smorgasbord of original short stories, all with the same potent theme – relationships. Some are heartfelt, some funny, some poignant, and some are just a little bit scary – much like relationships themselves. All are by authors fired by the shared enthusiasm to give something back in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. Cancer touches us all. It has in some way affected those who have contributed their time and talent here. This is our way of showing that we care.

100% of the royalties earned or accrued in the purchase of this book, in all formats, will go to the Pamela Winton tribute fund, which is in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

Cover Creators: Nico Laeser and Christine Southworth.

Sample review (excerpt) :

on August 7, 2015
“A gathering of writers showing their creativity for a wonderful cause, the Macmillian Nurses receive all monies from this collection of diverse short stories. This book confirms the fact that after sadness there is always hope – even if it is distant. Funny, sad, and uplifting read.”


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You’re Not Alone: An Indie Author Anthology:

Reviews Links and Excerpts, Part 1 –

100% of Proceeds to Charity


November 08, 2015

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It’s not often one gets to contribute to a cause and be told all proceeds (royalties etc) from the sale to the customer are going to charity.

Like a recent fund drive to help the earthquake victims in Nepal via Yoga Dork, where 100% of proceeds went to the charity, Ian Moore, a UK author, along with help from several other writers, organized and brought together a quite disparate group of writers to generate funds for a charity group.

This is Part 1 of four showcasing excerpts and reviews of all twenty-eight works, plus links to each author’s Amazon Author Page.


Reviews Links and Excerpts

My take: Like her linked short stories listed below, the pov is deep, complex, yet clearly discernible. The only confusion is within each character. Like the linked short stories in Orange Marmalade, we see and feel the process of the confusion’s acceptance and resolution.
“I looked down at my hands, spread on the rough grained surface of the table. I pressed so hard against it I could feel the hum of the wood pressing back. I listened to you and Julie negotiating the terms for the use of the room once a week. I felt my whole body blaze with humiliation and excitement.”
I’ve reviewed author’s collection of similar but linked short stories, “Orange Marmalade”.
This author’s Amazon Author Page:
My take: Flowing deep female pov. Engrossing. Sensual in all aspects of daily life. Similar to Lesley Hayes above, yet with its own voice. Slightly younger, the search for resolution is as immediate and intense but with less accumulation of life’s markers to confound the character. But don’t tell the character that (smiles). Below is a short but dense-with-nuance and technique sample.
“They boarded the plane together, took their seats together, and talked on end.
Carefully. Their words were delicately woven…”
This author’s Amazon Author Page:
COLIN AND SANDY By Anthony Randall
Note: language R rated.
My take: Modern parable of modest sentient machine meeting insecure top salesman. Morality tale that looks, walks, and speaks about the perils of modern technology, but is a look at one of the masks we as people have worn regardless of the time or available technology.
“A week’s worth of guilt ate at his insides. His chest felt as if it had the weight of
an elephant upon it; he was shrinking, sinking into the upholstery of
his driver’s seat, consumed by loneliness, racked by stubborn
pride, yet appalled by his own behaviour. His nerve-endings ached for
her company, he wasn’t sleeping, his brain felt like it was going
explode in his skull, and his eyes burned and watered.”
“…rescued his sat nav from exile. He lovingly wiped the screen from dust with a
wet wipe, and then dried her with a tissue; he wetted the suction
pad, stuck her back on the screen and plugged her in.”
This author’s Amazon Author Page:
My take: I knew there was a twist but the ending still surprised me, in a good way. The story, despite several strong moments of confusion within the character, maintained an even flow within reality. At first I took this to be a weakness, but by the end saw how it fit. In the weeks past, scenes from the story surface matching moments in my own daily life. This story has had a nice lingering effect.
“As I inserted the key into the ignition, I briefly glanced at the rear-view, instantly spotting the now blood red, oversized full-stop piece of tissue positioned just below my nose. The dilemma is this… do I leave it there until I have to see someone, or do I tentatively peel if off, hoping that it won’t re-open the wound? With the clock on the dashboard reminding me that time was running, not walking away from me, I decided upon the latter.”
This author’s Amazon Author Page:
DOLPHINS DANCE By Mike Billington
My take: A common tale told uncommonly well. Took the two colliding cultural norms and detailed their approach to each other. Set interestingly in a seaside Mexican resort. I felt the two excerpts below showed how nicely the author paired the contrasts. Also felt this could be a perfect prequel to a potentially terrific novel. That said, still had a satisfying resolution as a short.
“…he’d realized with a start, as he sat eating alone on his thirty-fifth birthday, that he’d become a sort of cyber-shark in a global electronic ocean. And like a shark, he’d realized that he’d have to keep swimming or sink to the floor of that ocean and die intellectually.”
“…her knees drawn up so she could rest her chin on them. Her long arms were wrapped around her legs. She wore a sun dress that still dimly remembered when it had been brightly colored. Her hair was thick and the color of dark chocolate. He could see some gray in it.”
I reviewed this author’s similarly contemporary work, a mystery novel, “Murder in the Rainy Season,” set in southern Florida.
This author’s Amazon Author Page:
My take: Omniscient point of view. Resolution fragile but poignant, like the last birthday balloon still floating in a sea of small grasping hands. Felt this story wants to fly away into something much fuller. That said, satisfying as a beautifully done holiday display gone too soon.
“The woman smiled at his innocence. It was a pretty smile. ‘Do you know what a date is?’ she asked. Her tone was playful. David noticed that her eyes danced when she spoke. She was different from the other ones. The light in their eyes had all dimmed.”
This author’s Amazon Author Page:
My take: This excerpt is small, but I believe carries the weight of two incompatible worlds that nature has somehow decided must be. The passion is clear and clean with some nice action scenes laced with mood and danger. Wouldn’t mind a few more segment break, but all the action and point of view changes are clearly understood. This work also cries out for more, despite a relative resolution, enough for a short. But the larger possible work has, I believe, potential to be large and sweeping. If also grounded in the intimate personal relationship in this story, could be very nice.
Excerpt: “She hadn’t known it was possible for a wolf to have a vampire mate, but she knew it now -because he was hers.”
This author’s Amazon Author Page:


Last Notes:

1) You’re Not Alone is available on Amazon, including Kindle Unlimited, at :

Additionally, it is also available in paperback format.

2) For further information regarding the charitable aspect, please feel free to contact the anthology’s creator and contributor, Ian D. Moore. He’s available on FB at, and via iandmoore71 at hotmail dot com.

Thank you so much,


namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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