Belleville Park Press, in Paris – New Opportunity for Writers

Café Allongé at the ManifestationBelleville Park Press, in Paris – A New Opportunity for Writers

Pictured Left : New – Cafe Allonge at the Manifestation.

My first short story set in Paris, and part of my new Paris Shorts series.  Preview at end of post.

Two teenagers on an extended stay in Paris go out for some American coffee, without their family, finally.  What could be more fun?

My second Paris Short, “Eiffel Tower Pose on Family Yoga Day” is now available.  Meet the folk these two kids left behind for a few hours. 🙂

All titles available by subscription or direct purchase.

Please see my Paris page for links to photos, poems, and info on novels and short stories.


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Belleville Park Press – New Opportunity for Writers


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Linked to dVersePoets OpenLinkNight # 105, hosted by Brian

This is dVersePoets first post starting their third year.  An amazing accomplishment in its own right, but even more amazing in that they continue to maintain such a high level of acceptance for poets and writers, and even visual artists working with photo poems.

Brian, in the intro to this week’s OpenLinkNight prompt, says,

Happy is not always easy. There is always so much we have to think about that can easily get in the way of just being genuinely happy. For me happiness is a choice & a discipline.

So it’s with even greater pleasure, I introduce a new start-up, below, in a slightly differing format, that I hope enjoys the same success as dVersePoets Pub : Belleville Park Press, Paris.


Archway to Small Street © Felipe Adan Lerma
Archway to Small Street © Felipe Adan Lerma


Introducing: Belleville Park Press, Paris

This is a small, but very satisfying celebration of sorts.

I’ve had one of my poems published in a  new, small, relatively unknown, one-sheet page size, hard-copy, on real paper, hold-in-your-hand lit mag – straight out of Paris, calling itself, the Belleville Park Press.

The poem they chose to print is below.

It’d first appeared on my site here, early November, last year, when Sheila and I were just beginning our 5 1/2 weeks in Paris.  It was part of a Paris Photo-Poem piece about the little streets just about everywhere in Paris, between, among, and crossing the grand boulevards and avenues I’d thought most of the city was composed of.

I think I first heard about Belleville via a post on FB from Shakespeare and Company.

There’s no fee to submit, and, as far as I can tell, no residency requirement.  It appears to be being offered for sale in more and more locations throughout the world, small bookstores, etc.

Every two weeks, they publish a new “page.”  My piece is on the third issue, called, Page 3.


“Osmosis, Infusion, and Just Plain Sharing”


streets in paris

overlaid – criss-crossed


by haussmann’s grand boulevards

still feed

the avenues and wide expanses


shops and wines and flowers

carts art and baguettes

crowd the narrow


tiny lines

(on the map)


veins and arteries

head and heart


one city


 2012 felipe adan lerma


English Language Places We Liked in Paris

American Library in Paris


BIA (Breakfast in America)

Blues Bar-B-Q

Shakespeare & Company

Bugsy’s Bar

The Bombardier

And a special gracias to all the French, German, Italian, Swedish, Venezuelan, and Russian folk we met in Paris who knew English and helped us.


English Speaking Places in Paris, for Next Time 🙂

The Abbey Bookshop


Preview: “Cafe Allonge at the Manifestation”


namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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  1. very cool on the publication adan and that story with the teenagers sound intriguing as well…smiles… paris carries so many stories… i hope to go back there soon and not just only for a few hours…smiles


  2. smiles…very cool…will have to check out this paper…and congrats on being published in it adan…i am pretty sure i read it first time around but i like how you allude to the lines as veins and the heart…very paris to me…smiles.


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