Book Review – Queen Part I by Felipe Adan Lerma

queenvolume1A fabulous blog post from author Eric Lahti asking how and why a serial novel might be possible in today’s digital publishing world.

In this case it’s specifically about my own work – Queen, a Serial Novel.

I was literally giddy reading his analysis.

I hope you’ll give his post a look.

And my comment (smiles).

Eric Lahti

This is going to be a unique review because I’m not just looking at the book, I’m examining how the author is making use of a relatively new technology in a bold experiment.

Amazon has dropped some bombs on traditional publishers over the years. First they dropped the Kindle and everyone suddenly realized eBooks were going to be a thing. Then they set up their own indie publishing service and – for better or worse – a bunch of authors who couldn’t have otherwise gotten their work out suddenly had a voice. The most recent bomb was the advent of Kindle Unlimited. In author circles the jury is still out on that one. Personally I’m just happy someone’s reading my stuff.

The thing about KU (as us cool kids call Kindle Unlimited) is it basically says for about ten bucks a month you can read anything you want that has…

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