Twitter Excerpts : Books 1 – 6, Queen the Serial Novel

Twitter YouTube ad Queen book 1

Twitter Excerpts : Books 1 – 6,

Queen the Serial Novel

Read the excerpts via Twitter. Hear them on YouTube.

Available on Kindle Unlimited.

Technical Advice and Inspiration for Twitter format ads via Eric Lahti.


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Twitter Excerpts : Books 1 – 6,

Queen, the Serial Novel


January 21, 2016

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Twitter Excerpt Tweets

Thirty-seven books, one released each week.


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(Update note 072819 – each serial bk is now bundled in the Omnibus Edition – . “Queen” is still also available on #KindleUnlimited 😊)

Series url for Readers Theatre excerpts on YouTube –


YouTube note:

Most are a little longer than the Twitter text.

These are short casual reads with no pretense on my part, though I have just gotten a new mic, and that will definitely help with the audio quality 🙂 New improved audio sessions start with Book 5’s reading.

I should have a post on the first six YouTube excerpts very soon.

Thanks so much,


namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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YouTube Excerpt Readings : Books 1 – 6, Queen the Serial Novel

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  1. LOL. So you swear your books are longer than the twitter text? 😉

    One book a week, man that is a lot of work for publishing and promo. A lot of work.


    • I gotta tell ya, I’ve begun to feel it, now working on Bk 15 🙂

      I did like a lot of the early serializing writers did in the beginnings of the novel (which evidently help give rise to the idea of a big novel, there being so many serial releases in the series) – I prepared the bulk of the story ahead of time.

      Still, each week I re-read, maybe for the 12th plus time, each 2500-3500 story word book, so a little longer than a tweet, lol! I find and prepare two original photos I’ve taken from when my wife and I visit Vermont, and I choose and include “preview” excerpts from the next book to include in each book.

      These latter excerpts are what I use to help choose what to feature in my Twitter spots.

      Yeah, lot of work, but I’m enjoying it 🙂 And please feel free to ask me anything else, here or on Twitter @felipeadanlerma 🙂


    • Which is your Austin book? I do an Austin related theme day on Twitter Thursdays. Hashtag is #Austin_Thursdays & I tweet my own & others’ Austin related “things” that appeal to me 🙂


    • Thanks! Yes, it’ very new to me & am having fun finding ways to experiment, though, for now, I have like a standard “look” to the run of excerpts, then “fool around” design wise with the other tweets 🙂


    • I do too. Some folks get really creative w/dif fonts & colors. I love those, but right now I’m on a Twitter-tweet-mission 🙂 Need to output excerpts from my serial novel, and excerpts from my prev thriller (One Night in the Hill Country, 78 chapters!) – so a nice recognizable format’s good for me right now 🙂


    • Thanks, Victoria – I’ll be posting the second set of six fairly soon. There’s 37 small books, so one set’ll have seven, lol! But that’s just in re to posting them in groups on my site. The series “should” pull up in Twitter via the hashtag #SLThrillers but sometimes they all pull up, other times not. No idea why yet, I’m still drying the moisture back of my ears 🙂


    • Donna, I’m seeing an incremental increase over the last five weeks or so. I’m not sure how much the gentle uptrend in sales in due to the tweet campaign, but that’s one of the advantages of a serial novel release – the kinda time-drip of exposure. It’s also interesting to see which excerpts get the most attention 🙂


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