Do You Have a Favorite Word Among Your Image Titles? Apparently I do! (smiles) – “Light”

My newest Fine Art America photography and art collection – “Light”

I was recently debating the title for a new nearly finished oil painting – I pretty sure I’ve settled on “Woman in Moonlight” – when I suddenly wondered how much of my photography and art I’ve titled with “Light” in the title.

The answer was “more than I thought!” 🙂

Luckily, Fine Art America, where I have most of my available images posted, is built where I can create custom individual collections defined and populated as I’d like to!

In this instance I wanted a buyer or licensee or fan to be able to find those works I’ve captured or painted in one easy-to-find grouping, much as I do for sunsets, images of Paris, Vermont, and so much more.

My Image-Collections page with links to each grouping can be seen at – .

Granted, I do believe most of my work involves a celebration of light in our lives, both in my photography and art work, but I thought it kinda interesting to find those I actually used “Light” in the title, and see what was there (smiles).

As soon as I’m finished with “Woman in Moonlight” I’ll post pictures of the process from intuitive abstract beginning to (hopefully) story-telling finished painting 🙂

I hope you’ll agree, the title needed “Light” included in it!

Thank you so much!


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Fine Art America (FAA) –

* Please note, full res images are available on my FAA site *

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