My Shadow-Selfie Feels Part of the World (smiles)

Note, click image or above link for full vertical rendition 🙂

Most of my self portraits show me taking pictures or playing with one of my grandkids, or at a gallery show or enjoying a vista in Vermont and elsewhere.

This image – taken on a walk through the neighborhood – caught my attention as I was crossing the street. The deep shadow, outlined yet moving atop the asphalt, alone was not what struck me as unusual and worth stopping to shoot.

The juxtaposition of my leg and foot provided not only further contrast, but created the impression in my mind that maybe the shadow was rising from the ground, or actually above me, and I – my walking self – was surreally balanced, as in another dimension, on my own shadow!

It was only later I noticed the pale soft edged power line shadows splitting the scene (smiles).

All in all this is one of my fav self portraits, a shadow-selfie, lol! 😊

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