#AgingGracefully – Easier to Hit Fitness Goal Metrics (hint: a lower target heart rate) – Yes! 😊

It was a relief for me to see that going to The Y or gym, work up an out of breath sweat on the elliptical, see a reading between 137 to 152, and realize I wasn’t merely “out of shape!”


Adan’s Self Portraits, #20 – Aligned with a Half Moon Over Downtown Austin at Zilker Botanical Garden

blog excerpt, I knew right away, with the scent of flowers in the fresh air and a view of Austin’s growing skyline, I wanted a selfie with my walking stick set to that background. Zilker Botanical Garden has been described as both the jewel in the heart of Austin and as the centerpiece of Austin’s […]

Adan’s Gratitudes – A Little History

About my previous attempts expressing gratitudes in my life and my latest intention to do so 😊   I should emphasize too, these are my public expressions of gratitude. My private expressions, and I think we can and should all feel free to have any number we wish for ourselves, are sometimes reluctant, sometimes infrequent, […]

PhotoPoem for – Self Portrait 19 – Balancing With My Shadow

I step onto myself Assured it won’t hurt – It’s just my own shadow Firm beneath the pale asphalt Reaching up To me Equally  Surprised  How well we fit – Take a picture it says To remember us by…. * PhotoPoems are a fun thing for me, something I’ve enjoyed creating – joining word & image […]

My Shadow-Selfie Feels Part of the World (smiles)

Most of my self portraits show me taking pictures or playing with one of my grandkids, or at a gallery show or enjoying a vista in Vermont and elsewhere. This image – taken on a walk through the neighborhood – caught my attention as I was crossing the street. The deep shadow, outlined yet moving […]