Teaching Seniors is Like Teaching the (almost) Whole Population

Aging Gracefully – having fun w/our grandson 🙂
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This is a fun fitness post I wrote early 2012. It also promoted a (still) free Aging Gracefully eBook which is a compilation of creativity articles I’d written. My formatting etc back then was, well, “back then” lol, to take that into consideration 🙂 Pictured on the book cover is my mom and my wife Sheila on the seawall in Galveston. Just a hint, but the post is also about staying playful and creative, something I’m happy I’ve striven to maintain.

In the next few weeks I’ll be releasing info on my latest project, creating limited edition prints of my paintings and best photography. I hope you stay tuned (smiles). Meanwhile enjoy this Goldie-Oldie!

Original 2012 post follows below —


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Teaching Seniors is Like Teaching the (almost) Whole Population


Why “Almost”

the most straightforward answer to that i currently know, is simply the difference between bones still growing and mature bones

other important differences exist of course, such as emotional maturity, experience, hormonal factors, but for purposes of exercise fitness or wellness, that’s what comes most to mind

according to afaa, the still developing bones of children and adolescents, differ on the type and amount of stress they can experience safely, from those of a person whose bones have reached their mature sizes…

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