Teaching Seniors is Like Teaching the (almost) Whole Population

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Teaching Seniors is Like Teaching the (almost) Whole Population


Why “Almost”

the most straightforward answer to that i currently know, is simply the difference between bones still growing and mature bones

other important differences exist of course, such as emotional maturity, experience, hormonal factors, but for purposes of exercise fitness or wellness, that’s what comes most to mind

according to afaa, the still developing bones of children and adolescents, differ on the type and amount of stress they can experience safely, from those of a person whose bones have reached their mature sizes and shapes

granted, the elderly (in particular) are prone to diminished bone density, but are not typically concerned with continued bone-length growth

but i’m getting side-tracked

my point is simply this is why i would consider the teaching of seniors, almost like teaching the whole population

seniors embody everything all the bone-matured age groups can have; plus, a few people would say, more than a number of features more prevalent in those that are old(er) 😉

though i contend there’s some nice things ’bout getting old(er) 😉


What Seniors (sometimes) Forget to Keep From Being Young

ironically, i believe, what can be included from those who are younger, into exercise routines for seniors, is our originally innate love for play 😉

silversneakers even includes the word “fun” into their idea of exercise –

Get fit, have fun, make friends!”

smiling, laughter, and being happy, are often, as one of my favorite sites indicates, something one must work for, yet receive as a by-product


“Curvy Voices”

an excellent free ebook that just came out, as is available in pdf format, on anna guest-jelley’s curvyyoga site

thirty-six interesting  (including my small input 😉 ) articles on accepting oneself as a means to becoming more of what you want to be are included

as anna posts on her recent feedback page about the book,

“this book is about so much more than the physical practice of asana”


“It’s really about coming home to ourselves”

there’s a lot of compassion, caring, and expertise available on this site


Final Thoughts

Adan Lermagetting fit and staying fit are more closely aligned than most people think i believe –

i know that was true for me 😉

my manner of getting fit, especially as i’ve gotten old(er) is much more doable, and sustainable, the more closely it is aligned with how i want to stay fit

sheila and i try to teach this in our classes –

and fitness knowledge, as i conclude in “10 sports lessons i can smile at now” is critical

fortunately, the abundance of access to and information about fitness, and wellness, is as available as one is willing to search for and obtain

the Y where sheila and i are currently teaching classes, has many varied programs available

i should of course, that they are not affiliated or endorsing my site, this is just my stuff 😉


as most people who’ve read my posts know, i feel awareness is yoga’s greatest gift to me –

and this awareness then, of the need for playfulness, is something i can very much credit my practice of yoga for 😉

take care everyone, blessings 😉


Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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8 Responses to Teaching Seniors is Like Teaching the (almost) Whole Population

  1. claudia says:

    i def. think that sport does make a difference…and no matter what age, we should never stop playing.. smiles


  2. brian miller says:

    i def believe in the power of playfulness…and it keeping you young and having fun…and awareness is a beautiful thing…as i grow older i hope to always remain active you know…guess i have to plan that now though…smiles.


    • yoga-adan says:

      thanks brian 😉 trust me, planning now on staying active through life makes it much easier than picking it up later, even if it’s “never too late” 😉 and you’re too boisterously youthful it seems to let yourself go for long (if ever) 😉


  3. cynthia says:

    Yoga-adan thank you for your inspiration and blog


  4. GYA today says:

    Our world would be a more relaxed, sincere, and lovable place if the “(almost) Whole Population” was just like you.

    Thank you, my friend, for your candor and inspiration.



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