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About Our Poetry Collections

My wife Sheila and myself have created each of the poems now being posted for Personal Use licensing on my WordPress site. Throughout the 90’s we wrote these short expressions of encouragement, appreciation, and recognition while showing and selling physical copies at art shows, seasonal mall shows, art & craft shows, and even numerous church events.

We either wrote each poem on our own impulse, or responded to in-person requests at the various shows, including titles like Radiologist, Middle Child, Elementary School Teacher, My Sister My Friend, and hundreds of other titles.

Today we still create special item titles for fun. More recent titles have included poems about yoga and aging gracefully.

I’d thought the past would be my richest source for poetry, but have been very grateful to find that – being lucky enough to continue aging – often brings its own multitude of unexpected inspirations!

The poems are registered with the U.S. Library of Congress via numerous collections, and will passed onto our grandchildren in the future 😊

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About This Poem

My wife and I raised a blended family of three, so we had much first hand knowledge of the important roles step parents play in children’s lives.

Though there were of course many challenges, and many of those not so dissimilar when only the two biological parents were involved 😊 there were specific surprises to the benefits of working out real parent relationships between both the step-children and the step-parents.

I never did a conversion writing to create a Step Dad version, but I think that will be coming soon now 🙂

Category – Family Poetry



Offered are both Single Use and Multi-Use Personal Use options for each original poem. With this license you may use this poem as part of a gift to someone, with or without your own image, or with one of our licensed images. You can also personalize the poem for whom it is intended with their name and/or date, plus who it is from with or without your own additional personal message.

Decades of selling physical copies of our poems have shown us that some poems will lend themselves to multiple use, such as gifts to club or association members, and a Multi-Use license might be more appropriate and less expensive than the single use fee applied multiple times. Please feel free to email me at to discuss Multi-Use rates 😊

Commercial & derivative rights use are not conferred with this license, but can be negotiated by contacting us by the same email.

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Step Mom

How wonderful
and thankful
I am to
shown me
a part of me
I wasn’t born with.
How lucky to have
learned it from
you and made
it a part

© Felipe Adan Lerma


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Buyer entitled to one time personal use of this original poem © Felipe Adan Lerma. No commercial or derivative rights conferred.



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