Update to: Adan’s eBay Art – Construction Improvement 4 My Next Piece = Slight Delay 4 New Picture 😊

Updating my eBay new art item post from yesterday!

Three small 2019 paintings soon headed to eBay!

Well, I hadn’t thought of this before, lol! 😊 I need to update yesterday’s post & was gonna create a new one, am pressed for time, and thought..hmmm..maybe reblog the prior post but w/a note and an update-image?

Well, yes! 😊

My intent was to finish touching up my small panorama – a small paradox of wording in itself! and do a new post. But…I feel the “Peace Among the Mist” needs a bit more retouching + drying time. So…my update includes a sneak pic of two other 2019 paintings, two 8×8 inch gallery wrap florals I already have listed on Fine Art America for gifts & prints, but need to take more pictures of before uploading to sell on eBay —

  1. Dancing Flower
  2. Yellow Blooms Coral Accents

Also, if you are quick to see and read this reblog-update (love that term 😊) & you don’t see any images, come back later. My knowledge of how to reblog doesn’t let me post pics via the initial reblog post option, but once posted, I can update this area just like a new post – I can work with that 🙂

So stayed tune, who knows what else’ll turn up!

And now, if you need background or are curious! – onto yesterday’s post

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What Happened

Basically, the convergence of my being ill recently, which extended completing our recent move a bit, and seeing my proposed next eBay art offering for the first time in months in good light — all got me scooping paint from a tube with a thin palette knife and reworking, “Peace Among the Mist.”

As you can see from the boxes below, and the areas I’ve marked on my 12”x6” canvas wrap painting above, this was more than a little more than I could get ready today and then upload to eBay 😊

Tomorrow I hope to finish to my liking the bottom left. Originally, back January/February when I was 1st working on it, this was supposed to be a sorta suggestive ridge, like it could be a road or gully or even ditch in this semi-abstract fantasy (based…

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