Adan’s eBay Art – New Painting Available : Dancing Flower

Original Painting, Available now, on eBay.
Please note: Dancing Flower is now in a private collection (10.15.19)

Gifts & Prints, Available now, @ Fine Art America

Why This Painting, Now?

As chronicled my prev two posts, I ran into a self-imposed snag when I realized — felt? accepted? woke up to? — the work I first wanted to list on eBay, Peace Among the Mist, just wasn’t ready. It had a crease I didn’t like; I saw colors I did like but weren’t on the canvas yet, lol. New oil paint meant more drying time. I decided I might as well not hurry 😊

Then, the first painting I thought of I knew was ready was, yes, ready, but…my image of it on Fine Art America — at least in the new light from the windows and balcony we have in our new place — seemed, well, off. So I reshot and re uploaded a photo much closer to its real self. Look and see. The photo redo is much nicer with the teals more prominent 🙂

The Power – For Me – of Liking the Right Color

The teals come through much clearer and help make the yellows pop with more of a fun energy — all part of what I really liked about this when I worked on it in the gallery at the Old Bakery & Emporium in February earlier this year.

I liked the result well enough I even did a photo-poem with it the next month – .

Bottom line, this small 8×8 inch gallery wrapped palette knife painting is now available on my eBay listings 😊

Other Options & Ideas
My Amazon affiliate marketing highlights for this post   

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Flowers are inspirational, and I hoped then, when I wrote these short photo-poems, and hope now, that my image-word efforts would also inspire or comfort. It means enough to me I still write photo poems 😊

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And this neat little gift-like item at Amazon, with silk hydrangeas and light, has the feel I’d like with a painting like mine. Good to give, nice to have….

And remember – if you need to license any one of my images for personal or commercial use, please contact me at 

All the best everyone!


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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    • Thanks so much, Susan! Once I saw the original again (after a very long slow move & a recent illness), I thought, “no way! that’s way off!” lol! 😊 So glad you like the colors this way too!


    • Thanks so much, Tiffany! So glad u like it too! 😊 I generally, when able, find photographing with indirect daylight, and the light at a slight favorable slant (I have to experiment) bring the better results. Key work there is “generally” lol! I loved the teals against the textured yellows, but capturing that well enough, know too! I will say, your images, not seeing the originals myself, are very attractive, so you must be doing something right 😊


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