My Day Ahead – Sept 01, 2019

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Well. It’s happened.

My days have turned around, swerved up a slanting road and dovetailed onto a beach. 😊 Could be worse, but I won’t even try and figure what that might be.

My days have been too full to not have substantial detours, alternatives, additions, and not-done’s to maintain the same format. But that’s life. Things change. Less than a week from now I have hiatal surgery, and am back to square one for recovery again – though this time I’ve seen the roadmap, and did find my way back.

I will again.

So today, we meet the oldest girl with 3 of our 4 granddaughters. They live in Houston but the middle girl is starting college here in Austin, so we’re all getting together for lunch, along with one of the other grandparents, who happens to be my ex-wife. But that’s ok. We get along. Her husband’s a good guy. They’ve been together a long time. And my wife and I have been together more than 30 years.

None of that will change.

The six year old grandson we’ve had over the last couple days will go with his mom (our youngest girl) to San Antonio to meet with friends of hers with kids same ages as him. He loves us. But already knows the rotation of age groups he’s with is how it works, and that’s ok with him, most the time. His time frame’s not as pinched as ours, but his tolerance level hasn’t been stretched yet 😊

In the afternoon, when the various grandchildren, children, ex’s and various related friends have headed away to somewhere else – home or other visits – Sheila and I will hear the silence, and rest.

The rotation is good for us too. Busy. Too busy. Quiet. Too quiet.

It’s like the seasons. Or the holidays. Days and nights.

Now if only the heat would learn the lesson…

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

⛵️ 🎉 🍺 🍕


Yesterday was an accordion.

My wife and I and the six year old would stretch the music softly out, take a deep breath and press the sounds in the moments of the day we were in —

First we took a half a morning long grocery shopping cruise through our nearby local HEB. Great store, great prices, great people. So don’t take this example of our time there as indicative of the store, just our day, lol 😂

I normally buy my organic coffee at HEB’s younger brother, Central Market (ie, the latter is a newer store iteration from the good folks in San Antonio). But, the day’s schedule for tomorrow’s already too crammed to include a holiday traffic when-the-doors-open drive just for that (and maybe a muffin too). So, I found the few organic coffee choices at our very nearby convenient HEB, chose my amt to last me til I can get to Central Market on a less busy morning, carefully set my grind settings, and ground me coffee. Simple, wala (Texas for voilà), done, ready to weigh, print, and attach my price sticker, then try and find my wife and 6 year old (looking somewhere in the store for fajitas). I didn’t mention, did I, that we’d moved 1st of summer, to be nearer the youngest grandchild, right as my gallbladder about burst, and thus still weren’t familiar with the new store layout? Didn’t think so.

So I looked to my right, looked to my left, forcing myself to be patient, we still had plans, late morning, to head to Thundercloud (fab coupon) then Trader Joe’s (fab wine), then meet with youngest girl to get youngest grandchild after everyone went to the pool.

We had our fun planned. We had to give that to ourselves. 😊

Looked again my right, again to my left.

No weighing scale.

Looked up. I am short. Nope. Looked down the long aisle. Nope.

No weighing scale.

Went out onto the main drag, I mean aisle 😊 to flag a friendly employee down (and they are, almost to a person, because there’s always that one person, who isn’t, everywhere).

But only more folk like me, pushing carts, carrying bags, thinking what aisle next, what might’ve already been forgotten, but sauntering. It was still morning. It was still just Saturday. With Sunday and Monday still a holiday buffer. So yeah. It’d be ok.

Went searching for my wife and Max. Found them in the produce weighing one’s and two’s of melons, red and green peppers, corn, zucchini’s, grapes (ok, more than 1 or 2 of those), an orange, mushrooms (white, unsliced), and one or two things I can’t remember what.

They were all big smiles. Almost done!

“I can’t find the scale to weigh the coffee,” I told them.

Six year old shrugged. Wife lowered her eyelids. Practiced patience.

I saw a produce man, asked, “Where do I weigh the coffee to check out?”

He twitched a moment. Also practiced patience. “By the coffee, where that was.” He pointed at my bag of freshly ground coffee.

“I couldn’t find it.”



We decided I should try again. Went back to the coffee aisle, and spotted a young lady with her store badge on. She smiled.

“Hi,” I said, holding up my coffee bag. “I can’t figure out how to weight this to check out.”

She smiled with unpracticed patience. She still had the real thing.

“Oh. They’re all the same price and the cashier’ll weight it at checkout.”

We congenially agreed a sign to that effect would be helpful 😊

The rest of the day went the same.

An accordion.

But the music played all day.

With but a few, out-of-pitch, high-pitch squeals.

Not too bad. I’ll take it 😊 Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone!


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