My Day Ahead – Sept 08, 2019

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Today’s a big unknown.

Feels like I’ve more medicines than there are vitamins 😊

I don’t like taking lots of medicines. But my stomach bloats when I eat anything!

And I ain’t getting to eat much. The gas they put in my stomach will take “awhile” to be absorbed and stop making my upper body ache like I’ve woke up and found I was a prize fighter all along, and maybe not too good a one, lol!

But I’ve been through an amended version of this the last two+ months after my gallbladder removal. So I know it gets better. It’s just meanwhile…

Sheila’s going to Sprouts to load up on bland stuff I can eat, but she’s constantly thinking up ways to make them more appetizing. That means closer to what I usually like to eat but without crossing into territory that’ll hurt my recovery.

I want to paint but get too tired to start. So I’ll stick it out.

True, I’ve been back home less than 24 hours, but –

I vacillate between feeling too impatient –

And not doing enough.

Not the kind of Libra I signed up for 😊

But I’ll hang in there….


I woke up from a fitful muscle-pain wracked early sleep from what must’ve been a long peaceful one later in the night, ‘cause I woke feeling very bright-eyed and chipper.

At least til I was told my eating routine for the next 2-3 weeks, lol! 😂

No bread.

No carrots.

No meat.

Only certain fish.

Only certain fruit.

The rest? Oatmeal. Water. Tea. Mushed this, mashed that, puréed whatever.

Nothing with seeds or that’s expansive or chewy 😢

But – I get to keep my blessed coffee ❤️

Went home with a list of medicines I’d never heard of for “as needed.” 😊

All I can say now is, it’s good to be home, it’s good to start a mending process of a hiatal hernia that’d grown big enough it no longer was wise to “hope for the best.”

But the real trooper’s my wife, Sheila. Kinda like a commando in full charge of every detail and nuance for my recovery. I’ve written a lot of posts for and/or about her over the years – this is one of my fav’s, written a little over 6 years ago – The Day I Wed My Kids’ Step-Mom 💕

Besides 3 posts, starting with Aging Gracefully – When Yoga Breathing Paid Off In the ER, I didn’t detail my emergency gallbladder surgery & recover from two months ago, but with my new My Day Ahead format, I should be able to give an idea of this new version of the path I was well on to completing when the time came for this surgery.

But that was the plan, or the Drs’ plan. Get me strong enough for this procedure.

Recovery time total isn’t much longer, 2 to 2 1/2 month getting back to full normal activities; but the initial time frame has way more restrictions on what I can eat, how much I can lift, and the meds are also much more complex – with the nausea preventers and pain options more potent.

So I look at it as a new, separate, slightly more challenging hike up Mount Recovery, with more twists and turns and hazards to watch out for. But still not scaling a cliff wall or such, what I imagine heart surgery and other super severe procedures would be like!

Yep. I can do this hike. I did the other one.

This one’s just a bit more challenging —

And gonna leave me in a much better place —

With a better vista & view of what lies ahead —

Or, creatively, a vision of what I’d like to be ahead 😊


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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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