My Day Ahead – Sept 30, 2019

Good Morning Bird Poster -


Was going with Sheila to Gold’s Gym for a strength class, but we talked about it, and I’m just not quite ready for an hour long bout of that. Smaller increments at home for now 😊

Oh, and pay the 1st of month bills! iPad doesn’t seem to be having any problems with that, lol! 😂

Need to remember I’m to see the surgeon this week, plus a bone density test.

Still can’t eat chunk meat, or chunks of dry carrots.

The latter is one of my fav all-time snacks since early 50’s. I still remember dangling my feet in the shopping cart’s child seat and spotting this beautiful bright shiny orange something. ‘Course didn’t know it was “orange” or carrots, but I pestered my parents till they let me see what it was. Then I wanted to take some home. For whatever reason, I thought they’d be soft to eat. Everything else I’d ever eaten I guess was, so I must’ve assumed all food was that way 😊 Anyway, got home, and my mom gave me a carrot, my dad behind her looking really wide-eyed and waiting. Didn’t know what that was about. Besides, I was focused on chomping into this big mushy orange thing, and I did. And nearly broke my baby teeth, lol! I could see the disapproval on my dad’s face, despite my mom’s gentle smile, so I slowly slowly slowly worked my teeth into the thin tip of the carrot. I must’ve finally softened it enough I could eat a bite! Thank goodness they didn’t make me eat the whole thing, lol! After that my mom cooked them for me until I was in elementary school and was eating whole carrots at a time each day. Raw. Well, until 3rd grade. I somehow got going and ate a whole bag. 1lb. And, well, that’s another story, for another time – maybe tomorrow ❤️

And I gotta tell you, I probably wouldn’t have thought of my carrot tale to tell you, but I wanted to write a little more. See, one of the things the WP rep told me is, now that they know which app of theirs is me, they can track? observe? document? where and when the blogging glitches happen. Like trying to start this latest paragraph. Very neat!

So now I will let this go. Gotta get bills paid. Set up a reblog.

Walk? Oh yeah, that too 😊


Woke late again, later than ever actually, and so did Sheila

Still recovering from so much done recently, and slowly each morning feeling our reservoirs of strength refilling.

And still struggling to get posts created without having to close the window and reopen. But…found a good way to reach WP on the weekend, via one of their Twitter sites.

At first, because of timing etc, starting early Sat, responses from both ends, my self and the WP rep, were 12 hours apart, lol! By Sunday afternoon we’d gotten into a 15 minute or less back & forth with information & suggestions. Something I’ll have to do a blog post about once this problem with work on a new post sticking stuck is solved. I’ve pretty good faith it will be. I’ve already had stuff several months back the chat people spent quite a bit of time solving.

This one is re when I forget to do a shift return, I get to a new block and everything sticks/stops. I used to not have to do that, or get a frozen page.

And of course it’s always possible it’s my iPad!

So with me luck 😊

I do have a special blog post I took my time with through my computer problems, re more art sales at Jerry’s Artarama during Friday evening’s art reception! ❤️ Should be up by the time this post is also up.

Meanwhile, I’ve more fun/special reblogs planned I think you’ll enjoy 😊

Thanks everyone!


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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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  1. That’s a funny carrot story, my first carrot memory was pulling them right out of the ground from my Grandma’s garden and eating them dirt and all! Of course, they were so good, I kept pulling them all, even the little ones, Grandma was not so happy when she saw all of her carrots pulled prematurely!

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