Good News Alert – Reached Best Visitor-Views Total For Any Year! 😊

Adan’s Visitor Views Blog Stats 11.20.19
Adan’s Visitor Views Blog Stats 11.20.19

Just a very short post. Am working on a comprehensive post comparing 2019 to my previous best year for views & visitors total – 2012, sharing what posts were top in 2012, what posts are top this year, how that compares, and what surprises show up in my WordPress stat totals for which particular blog views, especially comparing blog posts showing up among the top both years – seven years apart! And, an interesting pattern of which of this year’s posts, among the top tier, among all categories – were from early this year, mid year, and, very recently! To do so, I’ll expand both the image above and below, and hopefully, if all goes well, have it posted sometime later tomorrow, Friday at the latest 😊

Adan’s Visitor Views Blog Stats 2012
Adan’s Visitor Views Blog Stats 2012

All very fun stuff due to 1) sticking to what interests me, and, 2) kindred folks who are willing to come by, sometimes sharing their own thoughts, and seeing what been happening! To those kindred folks – my deepest sincere thank you! ☺️ 💕

Thank you everyone!

ps – fully aware these are not “big” numbers, probably in one of the lowest quadrants from the seo posts I’ve read, but it is an incredible accomplishment I’m proud of for having taken hold of my blog again – using it, and enjoying it ❤️

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  1. […] And though at first glance the “pre” on my Posts Page dashboard (right side image) appears cleaner, the sub-titled left-side image version gives me – and the reader/visitor on my site – much more easily seen information what the post is about, art or fitness and such.I’d like to update earlier previous series I’ve had but’ll have to see about the usual challenge, time 😊 Meanwhile, let me know what you think of the change, your reader view of what you see now, and how you imagine your dashboard page of your posts might feel with the difference.Remain well all, stay creative! ❤️ Adan*Related post – Good News Alert – Reached Best Visitor-Views Total For Any Year! 😊 […]

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  2. […] And maybe most importantly, within a wide a rubric of kindness and compassion as is possible at any given time and with any given topic ❤️ For that, and your companionship – I thank you all 💕 Enjoy! Remain creative! Enjoy being creatively kind 💞 Adan*Related post – Good News Alert – Reached Best Visitor-Views Total For Any Year! 😊 […]

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  3. It is an achievement – Congratulations! And that is because of your long content of your posts. Great that you are able to do this EVERY DAY – WOW! I’m quite poor in English and for me it’s hard to write a lot of content (but that’s my problem). However, I’m wondering how all those guys posting ONLY photos with no text at all are doing? Probably they are not interested in ANY achievement over the internet – but who cares, anyway 🙂
    Congratulations again, and keep going your way!

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    • Oh, I think your English is great, Tatiana, and it shows in your own wealth of interest in your posts – your combination of images and text! And I can understand posting images only, or poetry only, it’s a choice based on what a person can or wants to do. I’ve always wanted to do too much, lol! I’m just lucky with the state of technology today 😊 Back when I started this blog, in 2011, I did combine images & text, but it took a lot ore work to both format & upload images, and to format and present text, including embedding links in either. WordPress, to their credit, seems to have been an engine in helping streamline & simplify that process w/better and more attractive design options. I think your travel reach on social media (including Fine Art America), is a great example of all that ❤️

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