Artsy Upcycled Soup (Art Basel 2019) via Koolkosherkitchen (Dolly)

Last week we had our spectacular annual art event, Art Basel, and, according to The Art Newspaper, the show was “stolen by text and slogans.” One of the biggest attractions was Danish artist Jeppe Hein’s huge framed neon slogan “All I Need Is Less” embedded in a two-way mirror. I did not take of photo… — Read on

Article by Dolly 😊


This is no standard review of an art event, at least from my POV, lol! This is superb personal observation from Dolly, a blogger I’ve followed for awhile for her sumptuous recipes, food photography and commentary. It’s a real treat to hear her take on contemporary art.

And to be clear, this is not a take-down or full positive sweep of what she saw at the show, but rather a nuanced well expressed opinion of why something did or did not appeal to her — with LOTS of great pics!

Here are some excerpts, without the pics. You’ll have to go see her post to see what/why, lol! 😊

Granted, we do have dramatic sunsets in South Florida which you can view on Key West or anywhere else on Florida Keys at dramatically reduced expense while enjoying a Margarita and some real Floridian music…Please don’t get me wrong; I love modern art, including art that makes meaningful statements.

And —

Repurposed, recycled, and upcycled objects have been used by quite a few artists represented at the  fair…I was less than impressed by proliferation of artists repurposing and/or recycling (I fail to see the distinction) of famous personages.

And finally, for my fav image she included in her post (followed by a 2nd image from another artist I liked almost as much) she says this :

A more meaningful artistic statement by Laura Villareal, also created of recycled objects, engenders thoughts of embracing our world, our only home, and preserving it for future generations.

I hope you’ll take a look.

Enjoy the images, enjoy the wit, and don’t skip her food pics 💕

Thanks so much everyone! Enjoy art! And food 😊


  1. Dear Felipe, I am immensely grateful and totally overwhelmed by your generous comments! My funky writing style and photos taken by a phone and slightly enhanced by photoshop are getting accolades from a professional such as yourself – it’s more than I could ever imagine.

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