Adan’s Product Reviews on Amazon – Watercolour Flower Painting Workshop (Collins Painting Workshop) by Hazel Soan (Book, Paper Edition)

Watercolour Flower Painting Workshop (Collins Painting Workshop) with Hazel Soan
Watercolour Flower Painting Workshop (Collins Painting Workshop) with Hazel Soan

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Watercolour Flower Painting Workshop (Collins Painting Workshop) (Paper Book Version) with Hazel Soan – 5 Stars! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Please note: the link above takes you to an Amazon page with all options for this book. New copies appear to be more expensive than I preference. If you also prefer a good used copy, click on the used books option. There’s quite a few to choose from. I chose a vendor with lots of high approval ratings. And by ordering via Amazon, I feel I have solid protection on my purchase 😊

My review title is —
Stunningly beautiful paper copy, surprisingly rounded & useful tips! 💕

Just beginning to use watercolors, and having seen Hazel Soan’s watercolor video on Prime Video, I knew I wanted one of her books. Though an older work, 1999 I believe, the information and images are timeless. The images themselves are stunning, stopped my wife in her tracks when I was browsing through the book 😊

In addition, is the depth of her watercolor usage tips. Over and over the beginning of a tip is similar to what I’ve come across a few other books, but then Hazel continues and offers more. A good example is the use of gouache.

“All the preceding techniques for creating highlights in the painting use the lightness of the white paper. There are times, however, when you might prefer to use white paint for this purpose. The light can never be as crisp or bright as the untouched white paper, but that is not always wanted or necessary.”

The not as white part I’ve read over and over. Makes sense. But even in just a few weeks experimenting with watercolors, I was becoming unhappy with that limitation. Her advice convinced me to order and try some white gouache (which I’m liking so far).

More importantly to me is, she references that one, as an artist, just may not “want” the whiteness of the original paper, or in my case, the absorbent ground I’ve placed on canvas. This is a pattern with Hazel. She recognizes and advocates for one’s artistic freedom of expression! I love that! ❤️

And btw, her index in the back helped me find all her references to the use of white gouache in her book! Thorough, extremely helpful.

But it still all comes back to the expressiveness and beauty of her work illustrating her book.

If I can learn to make some of “that” my own in my own work and also pick up more tips like above (and I’ve already come across several), then I can say this 1999 used paper edition’s been a bargain 😊

In my most recent post, you can see my application of some of what I learned about gouache in particular via Hazel’s book – direct useful information for my art! The 6×6 image below is an example from my post —

Fineline Liquid Masking & 5th watercolor inlay for The First Snow - removing & painting remaining masking lines - more snowflakes added
Fineline Liquid Masking & 5th watercolor inlay for The First Snow – removing & painting remaining masking lines – more snowflakes added

I’ve also reviewed Hazel’s watercolor video on Amazon Prime. The video is superb. It’s what decided me to feel I could give watercolors a try ❤️

If you feel you’d like to go to the video on Prime directly, just click below 😊

The link to my review on my site is directly above.

Learn Watercolour Quickly with Hazel Soan
Learn Watercolour Quickly with Hazel Soan

Thanks so much everyone!

Stay creative! Enjoy the inspirations in your life! 💕



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  1. […] I’m about half way through an hour and a half brand new free YouTube video with watercolor artist Hazel Sloan, and am finding myself needing to watch it in small segments, it is that chock full of goodies to pickup, at least on my part, lol!It’s interesting how she’s altered the title since it was released by striking through “People” and inserting “Figures.” It definitely appears to be a more appropriate titling, as the gist is capturing small representations of people (tiny up to 4 or so inches).The rendering of such convincing movements and poses is even more impressive when she explains the process and speed this can happen. I won’t spoil the video, other than saying it was all new to me! 😊 Included in the brush and sequencing and observation work (and this is as I mentioned at the top, my only being about half way through the full video), are – again for me – important tidbits re differing watercolor pigment transparencies, spacings between some colors, and (hinted at) when a sketch begins to become a story.Yeah, good stuff!Hope you get to take a look. I know I’m glad I got an alert to the video just being up – .Below are links to my reviews of both one of Hazel’s watercolor books (flowers), and another free watercolor video though this time on Prime Video*My review of one of Hazel’s water coloring books here on my site –… […]

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