Bird’s Eye View – My First Sale Delivered by USPS and (Good) Things I Learned 👨‍🎤

Examples of Sides Painted in Layers - Birds Eye View ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Examples of Sides Painted in Layers – Birds Eye View ©Felipe Adan Lerma

It was very difficult waiting til now to write this post, but very much wanted to wait til my little 6×6 was delivered to its new owner in Florida and I’d uploaded my announcement post 😊

Bird’s Eye View is my 1st of my 6×6 experimental gallery wrapped canvases with absorbent ground and watercolor / acrylic paint, and it is a real joy it sold first ❤️

Though I used a small box of my own to mail it, I did find out quite a bit of very useful information at the post office about my Priority Rate options.

Flat Rate Priority Boxes
I knew they had flat rate boxes, but I’d already checked online and their small box is the same depth as my gallery wrap canvas work. Well within an 1/8th of an inch of each other, so no room for padding etc.

The next size flat rate box up, medium, is plenty big, even for delivering two 6×6’s. Nice!

And the size up from that, large, can fit 3 side by side, very nice!

Regular Postage Rate and Adding Needed Features
Though choosing to pay regular postage rate, being I had my own box, would have been somewhat cheaper, it didn’t include (1) tracking or (2) insurance, and, since I like to carry my box into the post office open, for easy inspection if needed, and – I didn’t bring any packing tape with me, (3) I would have also had to pay for the tape to seal the box.

By the time we got to that 3rd additional cost, I was definitely ready for priority mail! 😊

Alternative Priority Mailing Box
Combining advantages of both the Priority Flat Rate Boxes and shipping via Regular Postage Rate, the non-flat rate Priority Box is weighed like a Regular Postage Rate mailing, but charged and shipping at a special Priority Box rate based on weight and destination.

Maybe a great choice for when what one has to mail is too big for the small Flat Rate Priority Box, but also too small for the much larger medium Flat Rate Priority Box. This is a nice size box, measuring about (in inches) 2 3/4 x 12 1/4 x 13 5/8, and could save one a nice percentage off using either the medium or large Flat Rate Priority Box options. That’s basically what I did, but with my own small box, with the Priority Rate features added.

The alternative Priority Mailing Box is already notated Priority Mail and automatically includes insurance and tracking. And I didn’t have to scrape off an old label from when I’d originally received it, lol! I like that 😊

It’s important to remember though, to compare the price of using the Alternative Priority Mailing Box and paying by zone and weight, vs a Flat Rate Priority Box. It wouldn’t take much to quickly be much better off with a Flat Rate Priority Box, especially if your item is heavy.

I haven’t been able to find a link to the description for this box, or how to get one. I was fortunate to have a postal employee stationed near the front door point the box out to me in the display of free boxes we can take with us to use (or use right then). If I get a link I’ll be sure and post it. Or if anyone has an appropriate link, please post in the comments!

So that’s about it, for now anyway, lol!

If you have your own “story” about the pluses or minuses of using a type of postal service delivery for your art or book, like particular size prints, let us know 😊

Thanks everyone!
Stay healthy! Be creative, ie, be yourself! ❤️


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. Congratulations, again, on the sale of your painting!! I also usually use Priority boxes, they are great for small items that fit, but I get anxiety just thinking about shipping anything larger! LOL! Luckily, postal service employees are usually very helpful!

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    • They are, thank goodness! They do ship bigger sizes Priority too, so maybe (idea from my old frame shop days) buy some heavy grade cardboard, 30×40 or such, and build the right size box. Haven’t done that in literally decades, but might be the only way, lol! 😊


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