Sold! Bird’s Eye View! My 1st 6×6 Absorbent Ground Watercolor Acrylic!

Great news! Thanks to my gracious buyer from Florida!

News of my 1st watercolor 6×6’s successful delivery to my buyer in Florida was my highlight for a very busy day of painting (very briefly), going to the Old Bakery (getting an offer), and having the youngest girl and the grandson Max coming by ❤️

My buyer wrote me, saying, “…it’s even more evocative that the photo conveys” 😊

I you would like to see and read more via my posts about Bird’s Eye View, please see –

Blog posts in the works I hope to get to very soon include –

  • Info & samples about painting the sides of my gallery wrap 6x6s. Not as easy as I’d thought!
  • Useful things I learned mailing my sold small art piece via Priority Mail at the USPS
  • Half a dozen successful trial runs applying an isolation layer over the watercolor friendly absorbent grounds on my new small pieces ran into an unexpected hard lesson on a piece I’d really liked and worked hard over
  • A PhotoPoem for Bird’s Eye View. I feel it like a seed absorbing glistening light and feeding it to my eyes 😊 Now I just need my heart to translate it into words for me ☺️
  • A offer to provide a small non-profit workshop on my experiences so far producing watercolors on canvas via absorbent grounds (very early stages).
  • My obvious need for an easy to use, clear-to-find contact form for folks to reach me (beyond commenting on one of my posts)

And I know there’s something else, but I can’t think what, lol!

With that, I’ll call it a night, with hopes that all that’s good finds us ready to receive it, even if caught by surprise 😂


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    Personal Transitions During Stay-at-Home Distancing No BIG in the typical sense of what I tend to think “big” life change/transitions are, but with no blog post for 5 or 6 days, I gave up figuring out the exact # of days, lol, I felt compelled to say a little something.
  • Aging Through Covid-19, May 26, 2020
    Photo Lessons for Dummies by BE KITSCHIG is a superb humor laden look at the all too common pitfalls and inadvertent mistakes we all non-professionals make with our cameras 😂
  • A Walk Among the WildFlowers – New Watercolor on Absorbent Ground, May 2020
    As one can tell by my photo below, I took a few liberties, but to some extent, that happens whether I plan it or not, lol 😂 But I like the result too much to alter anything on it. Another version, another time, will elicit a different response, and I do think this is one motif I’ll want to do more of, vs variations for just practice 😊
  • Aging Through Covid-19, May 20, 2020
    A bit of news out of my home state of Texas. For the past decade, the two main political parties of that state have battled in and out of court in regard to things vote related. Actually seemingly everything vote related, lol!
  • Covid-19 Visit to Lady Bird Wildflower Center May 2020 💐
    First trip I can think of for Sheila & myself, much less with Max, since maybe pre-Covid! 💕 Short, less than 2 hours, and less than 15 minutes from home, but what a treat! 😊
  • Aging Through Covid-19, May 18, 2020
    A superb article, mostly for two reasons. One, it covers a huge range of our everyday activities. Two, it differentiates into most the activities, delineating what makes it risky or less so, in general.
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    The current work, for now titled Dancing Free, below the Paris painting, shows how the transparent ground “clouds up”, creating the soft streaking across the black gesso.

Thanks again, everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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