Tweets That Caught My Eye on Twitter – Tina @Tina69911364 #LyricLandscape

Just some quick post shots into the ether of something the other that’s caught my eye 😊

Sometimes humorous. Sometimes serious. Sometimes baffling.

Sometimes beautiful.

All as they effect me of course, but enough I wanted to share (retweet & post).

Tina’s sharing of impressionist painter Richard Schmid’s image, plus Patricia Hampl’s evocative words, strikes a deep chord in me. It both exhilarates and reinforces my biases and preferences 💕 Tina herself shares a wide range and variety of thoughtful tweet-posts, from Agatha Christie to Bill Murray. In this particular tweet, Richard’s Schmid’s painting, of which I’ve seen a variety online, immediately caught me eye, while, Patricia Hampl, whom I haven’t been familiar with before, with her well of words, put a context I needed about my own landscape work. I’d recently begun to question not so much the why of my attraction for landscape, the overwhelming subject of most my art for decades, but – as I found myself more and more attracted back to figure work – if I myself was lacking something within myself. Something I was missing. I don’t think so when I read this verse and see it aligned with this compelling work of art. It explains itself to me about, well, myself, lol! 😊 “It invites description…It is lyric” – and I think the same applies to abstract landscapes. And my earliest abstracts were very much grounded in some landscape “bit” or bits! And, more importantly, as I’ve thought about this combination image-lyrics-like-tweet – points to the “why” and “how” of what I want to do more and more of as I begin rendering figure work back into my paintings in a measure I haven’t done since the early and mid 80s. So I hope you can see why this tweet, like so many of these little capsules of words and/or images on Twitter, appeal so much to me. They say and guide and explain my own path to me as much as being simply being there, a quick seemingly simple joy to experience….

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I hope you’ll “heart” ie, like, the tweet via the embedded tweet above, maybe even share or explore the person or group who tweeted to see if you find more you might like!

But most of all, I hope you enjoy, even if fleetingly ❤️

Stay well & safe everyone!



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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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