Tweets That Caught My Eye on Twitter – Ria_ @2018Ria #FyodorDostoyevsky

Ria_ @2018Ria Twitter tweets that caught my eye
Ria_ @2018Ria Twitter tweets that caught my eye

Just some quick post shots into the ether of something the other that’s caught my eye 😊

Sometimes humorous. Sometimes serious. Sometimes baffling.

Sometimes beautiful.

All as they effect me of course, but enough I wanted to share (retweet & post).

Please Note: This acct may not be available now. I don’t have any information, so my apologies for the inconvenience – sincerely, Adan 10.21.20

Ria is another of my earliest favs on Twitter, uplifting, inspiring, and gorgeous in presentation! Her pinned tweet (top of her feed) was probably the very 1st tweet I ever saved so’s not to lose it ❤️ And I’ve many many tweets I‘ve especially liked since, but I chose this one ‘cause of the simple but true (I believe) powerful statement via author Fyodor Dostoyevsky – “Beauty will save the world” – not to mention being stopped in my virtual tracks by Olivia Bee’s stunning image, visually evoking layers and dimensions themselves evoking even more within us – found on @RabalFrancesco’s Twitter Feed. Beyond all that, which would normally be enough in itself, Ria’s tweet has a thread, ie, multiple tweets, attached to it, which you can access if you click on the tweet above. There, Ria elaborates on what Dostoyevsky meant in his simple phrase, “Beauty will save the world.” It’s not overly long, and laid out where it makes sense – what this honored writer meant, and how the phrase fits so well – a positive grand sentiment from an author I thought (being only superficially familiar with him) as mired in depression. Not so, evidently 😊

I hope you’ll “heart” ie, like, the tweet via the embedded tweet above, maybe even share or explore the person or group who tweeted to see if you find more you might like!

But most of all, I hope you enjoy, even if fleetingly 💕

Stay well & safe everyone!


This series, Tweets That Caught My Eye –


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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    • It is, I think, very difficult to “keep up” with most any of this stuff, at least w/out hurting either family or one’s creativity or both, and even fitness. I’d love to do more myself on other social media, but barely can keep up w/Twitter, lol! Plus determined to get tomorrow’s tweet excerpt ready, plus, please please, paint a little, lol! But all this is still better than not being able to do anything at all (illness, etc) and almost as bad, not wanting to. You yourself young lady, are a creativity machine, surprising us continually – I think that, and your husband (+ family) and your health, are your true top priorities 💕

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      • I totally agree! I have been so fortunate to have time over the last year to focus on my art!🙏 I have to admit that I’ve put my art over everything else lately (I’m obsessed!) and I need to get the balance back and focus more on my fitness, and maybe even get a job soon!😜 but I will think about that next week, after the birthday! 🥳


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