October 30, 2021 – My Top 3 Most Read Posts (so far) of 2021 : Sports & Arts!

3 most seen posts on my site thru late Oct 2021 - www.FelipeAdanLerma.com
3 most seen posts on my site thru late Oct 2021 – www.FelipeAdanLerma.com

An interesting top 3 most viewed/read among my blog posts as of late October this year (2021) 😊

My sports post featuring my 1994 sports poem, Volleyball Setter (I used an image of our oldest granddaughter for both posters’ image variations) – was popular back then when Sheila and I did Arts & Crafts shows, and has remained popular since I posted it on my site nearly 7 years ago! ❤️

#3 on the list, my reblog/review of the movie, Renoir, has been steadily seen (also in November, like Volleyball Setter), since 2019! The movie is beautiful, the story is beautiful, and the film’s feature image is but a stunning example of much of the movie, which covers the latter portion of Renoir’s life, through love and war, gains and loss. 🎨

The surprise of the 3 for me has been #2 on the list, jumping to that spot soon after I posted it, just this year in June! The article, presented by the New York Times, is sumptuous, well thought out, and provocative. It reminded me of and confirmed my many decades love affair with her art 👩‍🎨

I am very grateful and thankful for my readers, past present and continuing – thank you! 🙏


Thanks so much everyone! It is wonderful we have access to so much of the art from so many artists across the ages! 💕


Direct link to New York Times Impressionism re-blog post above –

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