Adan’s Movie Reviews – Renoir, via Prime Video

Renoir, the Movie 2012
Renoir, the Movie 2012

A Little Background

From the time we met, Sheila & I loved seeing movies. Most of course had to be seen in the theatre, at the movies, without surround sound, lol!

We still do – Netflix, Amazon Prime, any number of TV channels, cable, DVD (at one time), and the old time movie house theatre, when it seems worth paying the $$$ & the experience promised being worth seeing “on the big screen!”

I actually wrote movie reviews in college, one of my first, after return to college after leaving the Air Force, was Car Wash w/Richard Pryor. I wish I still had it! Titled it, “A Sudsy Cleansing for the Blues” 😊

Anyway, one of the good things ‘bout getting more serious ‘bout my blog is realizing how nice it’d be if all those reviews I have now, since 2011, here on this blog, were at least tagged! Like DVD Reviews, TV Reviews, Movie Reviews, Book Reviews.

Sounds like a job for Superman, uh, no, me, lol!

I’ll see what I can do ‘bout those tags!

About My Reviews

In general, I don’t do negative reviews.

Generally, I think it’s more productive to steer folks toward stuff I like or thought was really good (sometimes that’s the same thing, sometimes not quite 😊)

I do often say what might/could be better, or I’d rather’ve seen or experienced, but in the context of why I liked the movie or TV show enough to want to do a review at all.

Thanks everyone – Adan

Renoir – 5 Stars! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ – has a preview clip 😊

My review title is —
Haunting, Beautiful, and Left Wondering About the Complex Simplicity of Beauty

What I thought opened as a very slow moving period piece, reflecting the century-ago pace of life in the country at a wealthy estate, gradually rose to an inspired emotional story of many layers. There was, of course, the artist Renoir, and his last model, Andrée, and the artist’s son, Jean, returning from the war wounded. There’s the visuals of the film itself, infused with the sense of beauty the artist Renoir himself must have felt in his heart to have created the work he did. There was the desperation of all the working people of that time (if not all time) felt by Andrée to secure her life and also enjoy it. And there was the son, Jean, struggling to understand the artist father he loved but whom he had many questions inside himself about his father’s relationship with his mother and the models. And there was the constant reminder of how tired the majority of people felt of the perpetual wars they had experienced for so many centuries. What began, for me, as a simple film about the complexities of beauty, became a complex film about the simplicity of beauty so many could not see around them in their daily lives. An amazing film. Playing back sections of the film, to better catch the English captions, it was the sheer simple beauty of the film’s presentation that took me 😊

Please note, there’s partial nudity in the movie.


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