December 30, 2021 – #Covid19 #Omicron Update

WebMD @WebMD mask article found via Twitter (link is to WebMD)
WebMD @WebMD mask article found via Twitter (link is to WebMD)

Despite have a really interesting reblog / review post on an interview held with a top Abstract Expressionist ( preserved at the Smithsonian ), things have gotten so bad in terms of infections I felt I had to do what I’ve done several times this last two years, bring you current status news about the pandemic virus, again via Twitter tweets one can click on and follow, like, retweet, or even respond to.

I’ve lost more than a handful of close to intensely personal people to this virus, some of whom were so compromised they couldn’t even take the shots because their systems were so compromised, some who wouldn’t take the vaccine, and some who did but still succumbed.

What you choose to do, or have chosen to do, or will choose, is your prerogative, though not necessarily without repercussions to others, including those who might care for you quite a bit. I can’t personally do anything about that.

I can though, bring you what seems to me important current information, and let you either slough it off, pin it to your memory as information to be considered, or readily agree it’s information worth sharing.

We do our parts, for better or worse, like marriages. For I believe humanity is wedded to itself. Maybe the way it always has, but certainly more visibly, more globally, than any time we’ve been aware of.

Whatever you may choose to do the remainder of this holiday season and into the new year, I only wish you the best. No, I wish us all the best. Stay well as you can. Help yourself, and help those you care for….


Remember, you can add your voice, your thoughts, to any of these tweets if you are on Twitter simply by clicking the tweet —

Take care everyone! Make your choices with you and those you love in mind ❤️


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. Thanks for sharing, Adan. Indeed the increased cases are very alarming, people are being so selfish and inconsiderate by not wearing masks and avoiding contact with others. My husband is in constant danger as a restaurant manager, and he brings the danger home to me. It’s scary, and I don’t see an end soon.

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    • No doubt about it, very dangerous & inconsiderate at the least! I’m sure your husband takes all the precautions he can, but it’s a real worry – sending you & him our prayers, Tiffany 💕 Sheila & I are staying put tonight; most nights really ☺️ Happy New Year! 🍾🎉😊


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