February 07, 2022 – Austin Winter Storm, A Tale of Two Cities Repeat? – Day 5, I Think We Dodged a Bullet – Temperature Comparison Charts For Austin / Galveston / San Antonio / Houston / Brownsville 2021 / 2022

Tale of Two Cities (Austin) Winter Storm February 2021 via Terri Gruca @TerriG_KVUE https://www.facebook.com/1663286112/posts/10222624862684595/
Tale of Two Cities (Austin) Winter Storm February 2021 via Terri Gruca @TerriG_KVUE
Saw this on FaceBook via artist, Kay Hughes

Upfront, before I get started, clearly we were much more prepared grid-wise than last year, and clearly this year’s winter storm ( 2022 ) though bad, was not a strong comparable to 2021 in duration, temperature depths & breath across our state. And for me, I’m very thankful for all those factors. But there is a cautionary tale here regarding feeling too complacent about our current ability to weather, well, the weather 😊

So, further below my wife & I’s personal experience update ( as per my recent posts ) during this years storm, are a string of comparison weather data charts via timeanddate.com for Austin, Houston, Galveston, Brownsville, and San Antonio – which clearly shows the differentials of both temps and breathe of storm / cold temperature readings. My apologies to other areas of our far reaching state, equally important, but beyond what I could do here for now, time or energy wise. Info is available though on the site noted above – timeanddate.com .


Personal update
I didn’t get to add to yesterday’s storm post update, after a great survey & review by our cable rep tech ( Miguel, via Spectrum ) who literally fine-tuned our connections and settings, that after, early afternoon, when I went to start the car to warm it up to melt the remaining ice / snow stuck round the windshield wipers, our battery was dead, lol! Luckily our AAA rep-tech ( Leonardo, via AAA) charged it up and gave us some guidelines for when to replace it if needed in the near or far future.

Sheila already had a good guideline in place, one I totally agree with – one more dead battery episode, and time for a new battery 😊

And re our boil-water notice, no change yet. Boiled some pots of water, plus we have some bottled water we luckily didn’t need to depend on this past freeze 🙏 Hopefully this will pass soon too.


About the links
Sometimes the links tend to go to another part of the month, but there’s a “Select month” option shown circled below, and sometimes only way I could get the full date range for this month, was to choose “last 2 weeks” then trend to the dates of Feb 1-6 of this year ( 2022 ).

For February of 2021, I chose the date range from about Valentines Day through the 19th.

Either way, one can slipe the date range left or right to include any dates wanted.

Grateful timeanddate.com has such great tools available –

Even just for fun 🙏 😊


Austin weather comparison 2021 / 2022

San Antonio weather comparison 2021 / 2022

Brownsville weather comparison 2021 / 2022

Galveston weather comparison 2021 / 2022

Houston weather comparison 2021 / 2022


So, based on energy use and energy still available this year, plus the level of energy use relative to last year’s storm, plus the higher lows and fewer days frozen compared to last year, I’d say yes we were better prepared, but definitely dodged a cold frozen bullet.

It’s impossible for anyone to say with any certainty if the newer higher amt of energy available this year would have been enough if this year’s storm had matched or exceeded last year’s # of days below freezing – at much lower lows – across the much larger area of Texas affected last year ( body freezer trucks in Galveston etc ).

I’ll be glad enough to see the energy needs for all of us on Planet Earth can be adjusted to be life sustaining, renewable, and even life enhancing – no small thing of course ☺️

Meanwhile, stay safe everyone 🙏 ❤️


ps – did also do more work on a new work I 1st posted yesterday, New Hat, strengthening the outline of the figure as seen from a near or mid distance; up close it’s been a winner from the beginning – but would like a viewer to spot it and think, yeah, gotta get a better look at that one! Hope to have an “improved” image of this soon also 😊 👨‍🎨 🎨

New Hat ©Felipe Adan Lerma Jan 2022, 18x24 acrylic figure abstract on canvas
New Hat ©Felipe Adan Lerma Jan 2022, 18×24 acrylic / watercolor figure abstract on canvas

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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