Wanna Know About Texas? My Texas? Watch “The Son” on AMC

June 28, 2017 Images are my own, All Rights Reserved, and are offered on Fine Art America (FAA) as posters, prints, greeting cards + more. Rights Managed photo licensing is also through FAA. The Son, on AMC http://www.amc.com/shows/the-son/cast-crew I won’t pretend to know all the history or histories of all the peoples of Texas. Like […]

Public Morals Season Finale : Do Endings Matter?

Public Morals Season Finale : Do Endings Matter? Is good writing, great acting, and an intriguing combo of social and family issues from the early 60s enough to make a show good, or potentially great? Definitely. But like a good or potentially great book, the ending has to work. Did the Season One finale for […]