Yoga Full Moon Challenge – Biggest Moon Since 1993

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“the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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full moon challenge – biggest moon since 1993 😉

a gentle spoof of yoga and other contests and all thing moon-ish ;-0



there are none






one :

to encourage each of us, at least once from right now, through the full moon this weekend, to:

I Am Soooo Full!!!
I Am Soooo Full!!!

post a comment, on any site, any blog, about anything, but –

somehow reference into your comment, something, anything, anything you want, about this semi-historic full moon and yoga



many :

– full moons affect the tides  [1] will it affect your yoga?

can you yoga your way to a positive or negative ultra-full moon experience?

– does the sight of such a huge full moon change how you can see things?

– does the proximity of such a reflective orb make you want to howl?

– does it remind you of high school days and other moonings?

– does the sight of it make you wanna stop and just be quiet?

– can one keep the effect of a full moon more than 28 days?

– will this full moon mean more answers, or questions?

– will you want to tell your children what you feel?

– should anyone be able to copyright the perigee?  [2]

what would be your wish if the moon said yes?

– is the moon a symbolic karmic message?

– are mooing and the moon connected?

– is the full moon important to you?

– is importance a choice?

– or at times happens?

– will you smile?

– will the world see the next super perigee full moon in 2029?

– will you?


Am I the Sun, or Am I the Moon?
Am I the Sun, or Am I the Moon?



a RT from Elena Ray, @elenaray :

@cnn weekend full moon the biggest in about 20 years.

the article elena referenced is pretty good, interesting tidbits…



you can fudge the time/date if you want

post your yoga-moon-connection thoughts, feelings, or photos on your favorite sites whenever you feel you have what you want to say 😉

possible sites are on my “very” incomplete list on my links page

the point is to share your meditative efforts


and the winner is…

all of us, always 😉


namaste – con dios – god be with you



[1]  for ideas regarding differentiating ‘tween affect and effect, please visit the blog – some pretty funny graphics too 😉

[2] according to the cnn article referenced by @elenaray in her tweet, “Saturday’s full moon will be a super ‘perigee moon’ — the biggest in almost 20 years”



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