Texas to Vermont – Have Yoga, Will Travel (Preparations)

Everyday Inspirations - PhotoPoems Vol 1
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“the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

“Everyday Inspirations, Photo-Poems” : First four volumes are all images from Vermont.

texas to vermont – have yoga, will travel (preparations)


Texas to Vermont – Have Yoga, Will Travel (Preparations)

Texas to Vermont – Have Yoga, Will Travel (Transition)


Moving to Vermont


this time next month, barring the usual unknowns, sheila and i will be in her home state of vermont

we’ve spent a little over a year in galveston, where we’ve lived off and on (with austin) for many decades, enjoying being near family at both destinations –

and now will spend some time near sheila’s family in burlington

most everyone who could, has warned me of the vt winter

we’ll have a summer and autumn to gird my blood 😉



we also both look forward to other opportunities, including resuming and continuing our yoga teaching and studies

I’d particularly like to learn more fitness and anatomy i can apply to integrating fitness with yoga and the arts

possibly even starting one-on-one sessions with clients


Burlington VtGalveston TxAustin Tx

though both cities are similar in size, and are in two of the most fiercely independent states in america –

burlington is more like austin, in terms of cafes, yoga and fitness studios (including zumba & jazzercise) –

plus both burlington and austin are centers for their respective states for conventions and destination meetings –

though galveston does have houston only an hour away (some parts like clear lake 1/2 an hour, others like tomball are nearly 2 hrs), burlington again seems more like austin in having a strong thriving metro area

the population density favors a deeper group of people to possibly reach with our style of slow slow yoga 😉 mixed with healthy doses of fitness info and application


Blog Plans

poems and photos and art

i present no pictures or goodbyes here in this post

instead, after mother’s day, most days this month of may, i will present poems and photos and art i’ve created, to say goodbye for now to my home state of texas

and maybe something new here and there 😉


i am working on a number of topics that interest me, doing research, thinking, tinkering, and will have my more usual subject matter, interspersed with art and poetry of course, in june 😉


mother’s day week

this week, mother’s day week, i will present one or more poems i’ve written, mostly from the 90’s, about moms

as i mentioned in my poetry post about a beginning yoga teacher, i will often over time create variations on a theme, both in photos, paintings, and poems –

not always, but it happens 😉


after mother’s day

i’ll begin posting some art and photos and poetry, and possibly a more straight forward yoga-fitness piece or two

“when it ended” – a poem from 1980/81, may be first

the tone of the poem is unlike most my poetry in the 90’s, which were lighter, more infused with my relationship with sheila, which began in early 1980

it captures the feeling of the few years leading up to meeting her, and, looking back, seems to encapsulate knowing who i’d found


last weeks before vermont

will be filled with thoughts and images of galveston, austin, and other points in texas, with one final new poem to end our run here

we’ll have said our goodbye-we’ll-stay-touch to friends and family –

and to our dear fellow yoga students in our classes, we’re all fellow students, in our yoga classes, our zumba line dance and ballroom times, and of course our jazzercise friends, all very special…

namaste – con dios – god be with you


Texas to Vermont – Have Yoga, Will Travel (Preparations)

Texas to Vermont – Have Yoga, Will Travel (Transition)



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