Life & Love, It’s For the Birds In a Good Way – In Pictures # 12

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Please note: the “It’s for the Birds in a Good Way” series had been placed in “private” status during a re-do of my site, and are now again posted with updated information.


life and love, it’s for the birds, in a good way 😉 – in pictures

# 12




it’s been said, a picture is worth a thousand words

well, i’m not gonna try that 😉

but here’s a series of pictures, one or two at a time, popping up here and there, now and then, each captioned and capturing a few moments of life and love, for the birds anyways, but in a good way 😉

set on a patch of preserve somewhere on galveston island, along the protective seawall, or anywhere on galveston i’m fortunate enough to spot and place their image in digital memory, we’ll just say we’re all glad this is a place they call home…

it’s just an expression, “eye like a hawk”

until you see it in action, high above you, quiet and patient, riding the currents of air like a kite steady in place, held in a line to prey still to be seen…


An Eye Like A Hawk
An Eye Like A Hawk, Original Photography by Adan Lerma


being quietly aware, while practicing a pose, or posing in practice, my yoga practice, i’ve sometimes felt like the hawk, waiting for what will appear

waiting for what will nourish me

such is our nature…

in part 😉


bird picture series

vermont photopoem series

namaste – con dios – god be with you


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