adan’s original paintings # 2 – “Rock Point, Vermont”

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my original paintings art work, # 2

” rock point, vermont “




if a picture is worth a thousand words, a painting then, is either worth none, or more than can be said –

and either count could signify like or dislike

so, i’m not gonna try that 😉


Adan Lerma
Adan Lerma


below, is my painting of Rock Point in Vermont, from 1986


Rock Point, Vermont
Rock Point, Vermont - Original Acrylic Painting by Adan Lerma 1986



rock point is an interesting geological formation off the north beach area of burlington, and extends out onto lake champlain

my wife, sheila, is from vermont, and grew up near rock point

and her high school is near the beach vicinity  [1]



sheila’s dad, like my dad, was a big burly man; with both men sporting hearts to fit their chests, and proud of it 😉

her dad had taken a photo of rock point, on one of the trips we made there from galveston

we’d usually take all three kids, including one time on an amtrak journey from houston to burlington – the kids’ memories of that trip differ interestingly from sheila and mine’s remembrances 😉

while in vermont, mid august, a “little” cooler than i was used to back home 😉 we had a large family swimming day at north beach, then hiked around the lake’s edge over to about where rock point was – our kids, sheila’s nephews, brothers, her parents, us – it was quite a day, beautiful sky, light breeze, dry-ish air…

he asked me if i thought i could do a painting of rock point from the photo, as we were already back in texas

this painting was the result, and stayed with him til he passed

rock point has been with us since



in the 80’s, i was still painting with acrylics (for ease of clean-up with a house of children and pets) and had been mostly creating abstracted designs of things

so painting rock point was a bit of creative challenge for me


not knowing which way to go with it, i began with a light undercoat, in case i needed to repaint over it, and start again

this turned out to be a lucky start, because the darker pigments, scumbled onto the canvas (and acrylics dry fast, so lend themselves to this technique) allowed a tinted glow to peek out from the lighter colors below



Detail, Rock Point, Vermont - Original Painting by Adan Lerma 1986
Detail, Rock Point, Vermont - Original Painting by Adan Lerma 1986


yoga is so many things, among them adaptation

as i adapted my painting style for a purpose back then in the mid 80’s, so now, on our approaching move to vermont, we adapt again

namaste – con dios – god be with you

adan’s orignal paintings series

video of lake champlain featuring rock point latter half [ link added 092411 ]



[1] there’s lots of old postcard images online now that are fun to see



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    • thanks emmauelle!

      i saw your photo this morning on your confessions of a blogger post 😉 very interesting; saving reading the post til this afternoon, bout to head out for list of morning chores

      yea, even though i use oils now albeit, water-based oils 😉 acrylics have a lot of advantages: super fast drying time, you can scumble and scrap with a more crumbling feel and look, and the colors retain their vibrancy super well

      the water based oils i use now are a real nice medium ‘tween acrylics and reg oils: i get the smoother buttery feel, easier blending, but can let the oil dry a bit to do a rougher draggy look, and, i can add water and create a more watercolor or acrylic look!

      lots of brands of them, all very different from each other, from watery to thick and pastey, have to really experiment with them to see which one’s feel really good to you

      acrylics dry even faster though, and are great for traveling and doing plein air stuff along the road etc –

      lookin’ fwd to reading your “confessions” this afternoon 😉


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