adan’s original paintings # 4 – “Houston Skyline from Sabine Street Bridge”

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my original paintings art work, # 4

“houston skyline from sabine street bridge”

circa 2009-2010




if a picture is worth a thousand words, a painting then, is either worth none, or more than can be said –

and either count could signify like or dislike

so, i’m not gonna try that 😉


Adan Lerma
Adan Lerma


below, is my painting of the houston skyline as seen from the sabine street bridge


Houston Skyline from Sabine Street Bridge
Houston Skyline from Sabine Street Bridge, Original Painting by Adan Lerma, Private Collection


this is my original commentary on my old art site, last year

the painting is with water soluable oils

it was done about 2003


Artist Commentary

“Houston Skyline from Sabine Street Bridge”

hard to realize sometimes this was the scene of many of my childhood explorations growing up in houston, this area of buffalo bayou

two churches i grew up going to, St Stephens and St Josephs, are fairly near by

and the houston skyline, well, from my parents’ home, near white oak bayou and tc jester, the esperson bldg was ’bout the tallest thing we could see from the bridge near our house, and it’s not even visible anymore in this scene

but i love the way the skyline’s evolved – i imagined it being this way one day, but never thought it’d be as grand and to the extent it is now

and still, if one turns 180 degrees, and faces west on this sturdy bridge between allen pkwy and memorial drive, is a vastly cleaned up and beautified portion of houston just bursting to go wild again, if not trimmed and cared for regularly 😉

a good view of this “other view” from the bridge, is in my painting “Houston Buffalo Bayou from Sabine Street Bridge  [1] 

– the painting itself is much softer (in real life) than i’ve been able to reproduce online; kinda like the people in houston itself

adan – June 15, 2010



Houston Skyline from Sabine Street Bridge
Houston Skyline from Sabine Street Bridge, Original Painting by Adan Lerma, Private Collection


yoga is, among many things, i’ve found, my view of where i gaze…

namaste – con dios – god be with you

adan’s orignal paintings series



[1]  posting my art work is a slow process, but eventually i plan to have this “other” view, from the same bridge, posted also



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