“Old Galveston, The Belle of Texas” – original poetry

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“the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”


“old galveston, the belle of texas” – original poetry


if you ever have a chance to go on one of galveston’s historical home tours, do, it’s a beauty of a treat

if you’re like us, you’ll get a glimpse, of what an attempt at grace in home living might be 😉


Old Galveston

The Belle of Texas


Live oaks –

standing patiently

above the varied palm trees,

wishing them to grow as high.

Ginger houses, 100 to 110

years old, surrounded by

the older homes.  Both

with double wooden

walls and tall tall

windows graced

with evening

lace.  Decks

and quarter-decks

wrapped round two

floors.  Often peering at

double gallery porches chiming

lightly in the ancient ocean breeze.

All the island lovers feel it.  The fresh

and easy peace given freely from a vanished time.

Old Galveston. 

©  1997-2011 adam light creations – adan lerma


it’s a bit sad, that now, 14 years after i wrote this poem, about the century old oaks that graced much of the east end of galveston, they’re gone

an estimated 40,000 trees were lost due to hurricane ike in 2008

whether one considers galveston a sandbar, or a barrier island, it takes not only courage to exist here, but patience and acceptance…ask the pelicans 😉

ask those who practice yoga…

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