“Galveston Island Nights” – original poetry

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“galveston island nights” – original poetry


my choice for the best time to be on galveston island

always a sense of rawness and adventure in the ever moving night air from the gulf


though there’s lots of clubs and bars for such a little place, galveston’s real richness at night, is a walk out onto a rock groin to stand beside the waves while looking out to sea and up at stars forgotten in electric lights

or riding west along the narrowing sandbar of an island toward san luis pass

maybe even driving to the eastern end of the seawall to the opening to the houston ship channel, and feeling the opening also pivot to the deeper gulf of mexico


night-time in galveston is like yoga’s loophole, where consciousness plays the edges, seen and unseen, but always sensed


Galveston Island Nights

Stretches of man-dropped rock groins

sleep into the dark


while waves foam warmly

between your toes.

It’s night time

in old Galvez Towne.

Ancient cannibals

are a moon-smile away.

Strollers peek and poke in shops

stocked with surprises.

The night exposes Galveston’s

ship-of-night secrets…


swept by air so soft

waves so light

the heat of day cools

in dreams of shimmered shivers.

©  1996-2011 adam light creations / 

  adan lerma


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