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Creative Gratitudes Vol 2
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Pictured, “Creative Gratitudes Vol 2, Impressionist Style Edition”

Ten Vermont photos digitally enhanced to created impressionist rendtitions, each with an original gratitude verse.

“the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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header art # 3 – 062111




summer starts today, so changing my blog header is no big surprise – usually the expectation of what the new image is, is about all the drama there is 😉

this time though, i am in a new state, away from texas, since i was in the air force stationed in northwest florida – and vermont is definitely different in terrain and temperatures from what i was used to around austin and galveston

typically, i would have chosen a beach or sea splashed image, maybe one including galveston’s vital seawall

but the air temperature is cooler here, much cooler!

and i mention air temp ’cause back in texas, my part of texas, actually most of texas 😉 the dew point alone adds nuances that can’t be ignored!

so here, in vermont, my (new) part of vermont, in burlington, right up the hill from lake champlain, a water view also exists, but differently 😉


the first difference, flat to hilly, is significant, in feel and look

experiencing variable height and undulation in the land, is very different from flat expanse

both are good, but can lead to a sense of unity and oneness with the land, and thus one’s interior landscape, but with nuances that go beyond the obviousness of hilly vs flat, and seem to sometimes only be felt in moments, as if from the corner of the soul’s eye


the second difference is in vegetation

galveston’s seawall, except for the planted palm tree, is bare of obstruction for a view to the horizon; while burlington’s battery park of mature trees, speckle-peeks through plush foliage to the horizon beyond

neither experience should be missed 😉


and though rarely thought to be of significance, the third difference, the air temperature and wind speed and dew points, the combined sense of the atmosphere, is vital

thus, for example, while galveston’s seaside seawall sense is flat, the wind is often, well 😉 a wind, not a breeze! it rouses thoughts and memories of nature’s warm relentless salty energy set in a flatness barely creased by surface waves –

burlington’s battery park promenade promises immersion in air heavy with granules of caressing fresh water droplets filling the crevices of soft hills and large leafy trees and a land and soul ripe for a respite from winter –


ah yes, it’s a blessing to know both feelings of vitality…

below are images representing both areas of experience, galveston and burlington

the new blog header for summer, is of course a crop from the full image in battery park below


Sheila on Seawall, Arms Open
Sheila on Seawall, Arms Open - Original Photography Adan Lerma


i used an image similar to this one of sheila for two posts recently, one on the use of visualization, in this case, during an arm-heart-opening sequence –

the other in a post on the process, my playing of the creative edge, of the photography for this post (that post appears two days after this post on the new summer header), “playing my edge with photography, telling a story in pictures (adjustments)”


Battery Park View with Lake, Beginning of Summer
Battery Park View with Lake, Beginning of Summer - Original Photography Adan Lerma


such a different image, though one can grasp the sameness, just nuanced differently, that this is nature, this is us, this is the same draw to the open skies and horizon hugging water

love the young couple meandering their way to the edge too 😉


Final Thoughts

choosing, or deciding, which shoreline vista is better is, for me, silly –

clearly i am thrilled to have this new experience available to me here in vermont, and just as clear, is my love and appreciation for the ocean seen from galveston  [1]

like the seasons themselves, as has been said, “to everything there is a season…”  [2]

this season, summer, i present a sliver of lake champlain, through the trees –

may i find the same joy of choice in my daily yoga poses and routines…

namaste – con dios – god be with you


art series

header art series

texas to vermont, have yoga will travel, part 1 – preparations, part 2 – transition



[1]  i’ve heard plenty ’bout how the water surrounding galveston is a gulf, the gulf of mexico; but for me, it’s also, still the ocean 😉

a google search comes up with a couple of strong dissenters, but most, like wikipedia, consider the gulf of mexico as actually part of the atlantic ocean!

it’s almost like finding out one’s favorite pose efforts is not just a favored way to stretch or strengthen, but actually a modification of a well known named posture 😉

[2} ecclesiastes 3:1-8



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