adan’s original paintings # 6 – “Tree, with Stairs”

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my original paintings art work, # 6

“tree, with stairs”




if a picture is worth a thousand words, a painting then, is either worth none, or more than can be said –

and either count could signify like or dislike

so, i’m not gonna try that 😉


Adan Lerma
Adan Lerma


originally titled after a location in austin, “tree with stairway to barton springs” i realized the image no longer represented that location to me, or just that location i should say 😉

one of my favorite images, i still clearly remember working on the painting in the front “art room” of an old house sheila and i once had in austin

people rarely used the steps, either the sidewalk up near robert e lee rd was in need of repair, or the walk at the base of the stairs, along barton creek, had, once again, been washed away in a rare sudden flash flood

but everyone stopping by along the bridge on barton springs rd, or cruising by in a canoe or small boat on barton springs itself, always caught site of the steps connecting people to nature

it was a recognized access-attempt to bridge ourselves to a more natural state

i often heard the indians who’d lived in this cooler more green more serene part of texas, thought the land and water sacred

one could paddle up to the colorado river, now slowed by dams and renamed lady bird lake, and with one quick gasp, be beneath the bridges and skyscrapers of modern-day austin

at night, with the lights of the city winking at the stars above, the view could be stunningly serene; that experience led to my night-time austin favorite  painting, “austin at night”

though i have several favorite paintings set in the day time in austin, “tree, with stairs” is definitely one of those


Tree, with Stairs
Tree, with Stairs - Original Painting, Adan Lerma


if there’s a connection to be made or realized, for me, from this art piece and yoga, it’s got to be tied to what the ancient ancestors of the land and waters of barton springs sensed

a willingness for a peaceful unity of ourselves with our earth

in spirit, and in fact 😉

namaste – con dios – god be with you

adan’s orignal paintings series



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