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music – original poetry

sample poem included in poetry collection “Arts Poems


written back in the early 90s, “music” is still one of my favorite poems, and fits nicely as a prompt response that still fits for me, to dVersepoets prompt “Poetic ‘OUR Music’” hosted by Stuart McPherson

the wealth of information connection music to other arts is especially interesting, with both a photo and a painting for the visuals, and a poems from anne sexton, whom i’ve always liked reading, that turns your heart


if the words endure, they do so because they link the links –





It happens so

naturally.  Like

the magic of rain

on a mood.


Rhythms.  Keys.

They all happen, then

are recorded.  Refined.

Solos, duets, quartets, big bands.

All evolving from the first

echo from the mother’s

heart – heard before

even the first



© 1995-2012 adam light creations / adan lerma


this must’ve been one of my pre-conscious-of-being-in-yoga moments…

i’m so engrained to compete with myself to express, in this case the connection of a work of my art to yoga, i almost feel like this is cheating, “almost” 😉

how can i not connect this poem to yoga?

the breath? music, from the heart?

i’ll be nice to myself 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you

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  1. yes, right from our Mothers wombs the beat and sound of music first transfers – felt and heard that very breath – in a heart beat – brilliantly done – Love Lib


  2. You are always so in the moment, man. This has an abstract feel to it that sees into the music from an awareness that transcends the presence of the music, perhaps placing into a context where we can appreciate it from a greater consciousness. The idea that music somehow returns us to the sound of mother’s heart whilebwe were in thebwomb is an interesting theory.


    • you put it so well what i was thinking chaz, thank you 😉

      i’ve always just kinda pondered where our first physical sense of sound, rhythms, and musicality came from (besides genetics on one side and star dust from our angelic side 😉 )

      and maybe the “returning” is also to our own first tiny heart beats, synchronized with our mom’s i’d assume 😉

      glad you came by, thanks charles


  3. so true…music starts even before we’re born..must be awesome what a baby hears already in the womb..the whole body with its whispers and sounds as a symphony, beautifully and perfectly composed… nice..


  4. nice…music is very natural…love the sound of rain…and drips pattering on a tin pan or even breathing…smiles….i like it much adan…17 nyears ago…that is way cool too


    • yea, even hard for me to believe i wrote this that long ago (it seems) 😉

      thanks brian, am hoping to catch up on some reading, this is such an interesting prompt for me from stuart, take care 😉


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