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dispatcher – original poetry

[please note: this post updated June 16, 2019]


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during panic.

Speeding the ambulance.

Racing the fire engine.

Summoning the police cruiser.

Gathering the facts from a

cry of emotion.

Being the clear eye

in a storm of lives.

Distinguishing need from whim –


Extinguishing fears –


The eyes of our saving angels.

Alert for the signal

to say


© 1995-2019 adam light creations / adan lerma


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Dispatcher —

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yesterday was 9-11, and continuing the idea of remembrance, and gratitude, i’ve posted my poem from 1995 for dispatchers

there are so many people involved in the chain of response to an emergency, and i remember, when i wrote this, in response myself to requests from family of dispatchers wanting a gift rarely available for them, that i really hadn’t thought through the dispatcher’s role, critical and emotional –

until i wrote this poem…

the awareness we bring to each other, as a reminder or request, can endure a long long time…

namaste´- con dios – god be with you

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