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Detail Zilker Walking Bridge
Detail Zilker Walking Bridge, Original Art, Felipe Adan Lerma
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New Arts and Love Poetry for 2011.  Written in response to a weekly prompt and powerful essay, “Poetics – Wild” on wildness in the arts and life at dVersepoets.com


“a beginner’s view : the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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wild music – original arts & love poetry

if the words endure, they do so because they link the links –


featured in “Poems for Lovers Loving & Being Loved


Wild Music

it’s not


flailing arms

and out-screeched



tiny seams

split to rosy glows

that draw our


then our breath

then our heavings

and our



heart reaching

out to our mind saying

well!  well!

are we


aren’t we!


the shaking joining

shudders shakes the shutters

a new world is opened

the breathing eases

but the rosy glow

has left its


you’re in love

© 2011 felipe adan lerma


today’s post is in response to a different prompt, issued weekly or so i think, from a poetry site called dVersepoets.com

this week’s prompt, “wild!” from mark kerstetter, one of a group running the site, was led off by one of the better essays i’ve read about art and wildness and our abilities to  live, or not live, a more civilized life –

references are made to various artists and contemporary happenings and tied to a question we also often see in yoga, what to do with the wild inside us, in a way to help us evolve as better people

mark himself spoke a little about his own experiences so far –

“My heart was a vast, wild, pathless place where I could wander forever and get lost. If I was to explore my heart, I had to do it with intelligence and discipline…”


i also need to give a big thanks for the inspiration from emmanuelle of plans on a comet, who wrote a nice piece for her music-regular, music matters, at the magazine of yoga

her piece also has me working up a post, which initially i was gonna put up this week, but is, as usual, taking me longer than i’d expected 😉

actually her piece on the immediacy of music and dance and song in our lives, ties in with dverse’s “wild” prompt, in the sense that it speaks to how to access that wilder portion of ourselves, while dverse address the what if we don’t acknowledge it

interesting – two pieces of the puzzle we are 😉


Final Thoughts

in integrating yoga fitness and the arts, for me, i seem to have swung heavily (back) into the arts, and left the physicalities behind 😉

but that’s been a life pattern for me, so i’m not worried

experience tells me things will swing back –

and the past year also shows me :

i’ll be bringing more of what i touch, from all my interests, deeper into my eternal (its seems) swing into balance

balance, as i wrote about recently, seems to be a process, rather than a stopping point 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you


do you like this format, with an image at the start of the page?

hope everyone had a good thanksgiving day

and more holidays are coming! 😉


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    1. thanks neel, it had felt incomplete til those last few words, the writing of the poem figured it out for me this time 😉 i never really know which part is the part i don’t even know yet til the writing and the finishing


  1. music plays a big role in my life and has for years….i was telling someone yesterday how when i was in college we had live music every friday night…think it was laurie kolp who is linked as well…i remember the pulsing beat reverberating through the house…it certainly left a glow and it imprint upon us as we danced….nice piece…


    1. thanks! glad you liked it

      yea, me too, played a trumpet starting in 6th grade and grew up with parents that loved to polka like dance, tex-mex style 😉

      in austin, where we lived on and off for decades, music’s everywhere it seems, almost every pub restaurant and pizza joint! during sxsw, there wasn’t an alcove off the sidewalks w/out someone playing

      and i do try to find the music in my breath during long held yoga poses, but that’s something i’m still very much working on 😉

      thanks again brian


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