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Undercurrents : Original poetry, linked in response to dVersepoets.com site’s prompt post, “Undercurrents.”

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undercurrents : original love poetry

if the words endure, they do so because they link the links –


The Prompt, “Undercurrents,” from dVersepoets

prompt introduced by karin gustafson

“For today’s prompt, I urge you to consider the different layers (or faces) of an experience, moment, relationship, person, object.  You may wish to very directly write about these differing layers, or just to allow them to form your words from underneath.”

the intro is a fascinating descriptive account, including an excerpt from a work by Rainer Maria Rilke, of the forms and ideas of “undercurrents”

i highly recommend it


that said, i’m not sure what “undercurrents” really-exactly-to-me means

i have an idea, i think i often allude to its use within even my shorter pieces, like my morning series of “awakening” poems, but i’m not sure, exactly…

so, below, is my shot at it 😉



kitty cats, are like people, so much

i told her, smiling, then looking away

they paw the ground pretending to be looking

at something, they seem captivated, by…something

i add, glancing at the edges of a limb of leaves near by

finding a lone flutter-leaf reflecting varying rays of light

my boy kitty, i told her, kept stepping closer to your girl kitty

i whispered, trailing away my voice, seeking a shadow to focus on,

by sniffing the worn wooden steps leading up to where she sat

watching him, i explained, shifting to sit beside her now,

when he got to where she sat, on the warm step set in sun, he

paused, sniffed the air, and sat beside her – can you believe that

i asked

he sure took his time, she said, smiling, then looking up toward a new



back to sea

© 2012 adam light creations / adan lerma



undercurrents exist everywhere, i believe

it’s what we’re always telling ourselves, in yoga, that we’re looking for

but i’m beginning to also believe, we’re what we’re looking for, and we’re the undercurrent, hidden from ourselves

certainly it seems our pets already seem to know these things about us 😉

yoga is the process of becoming more aware, of what we’re already often aware of, and didn’t know it

like one of those paintings with images embedded in it, and we don’t know it, til someone says they’re there…

namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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  1. a beautiful account your have laid before us. We’re the undercurrents hidden from ourselves – how fascinating that thought is! I must say that I agree. thanks


    • yea, kinda a weird thought huh? we’re what’s hidden from ourselves 😉 though we do seem to keep finding pieces 😉

      and talk about undercurrents, your bread crumbs poem is so poignant, really liked it! thanks sheila


  2. This is just lovely, the play of cats and humans, dialogue and pheromone (sorry if I’m spelling that wrong) is just terrific, a lot of fun.

    I am a longtime yoga practitioner (Ashtanga) although I confess I’ve fallen a bit off the wagon lately. I still practice several times a week, but not as diligently as I did for many years. Just too much going on and somehow I find running (with funny yoga arms) more of a break as I can be outside.

    At any rate, great combination for a blog. K.


  3. this is a wonderful take on the prompt…my fav part is him smelling honestly there is a connection there that is just so…i dont even know how to put words to it…very nice man…


    • brian, you understand it about as well as i do 😉 and i’ll take that as a compliment!

      i knew i understood the prompt, but couldn’t, and really still can’t quite put it into words, except illustratively 😉

      my usual yoga-segment-applicability part says what it is, but only in the general outline that says each of us has to find what it is – whew!

      i think i’ll need to go read my own poem again! thanks brian 😉


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