dVerse Poets Pub : Open Link Night, Week 45, Excerpt from “Four Months Of Mornings”

Four Months of Mornings
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Pictured, “Four Months of Mornings

Release date on or after June 4, 2012.  Daily meditations on waking each day, finding awareness, and eventually merging with simple gratitudes of my every day living.


“a beginner’s view: the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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Excerpt from new work, “Four Months of Mornings


dVerse Poets Pub : Open Link Night, Week 45, Excerpt from “Four Months Of Mornings”

hosted by Brian Miller


this is a new way to post to dVersePoets’ open link night for me

i’m posting a new work, and it’s part of a collection of free verse poetry i have in ebook format

but, i haven’t published it yet 😉 target date is june 4th or soon after

there are several reasons for the delay:

formatting four months of work into one package; cut and paste is just the beginning; various elements need re-configuring, links and new internal table of contents created, and the newer unpublished segments still need re-reading and proofing

the third volume is still under a prior commitment of exclusivity, and is eligible for other publication after june 3rd

and i am wrapping up ebooking (a new word 😉 ) my collections of poetry dating from the early 90s, plus, beginning my first fiction work since the early early 80s

the sample below is my second to last installment on the fourth and last volume in the series

the series itself, four volumes, “A Month of Mornings,” was an experiment; it ended up leading me to realize that my later-in-the-day series, “Everyday Gratitude” encompassed what i was experiencing on waking

but i didn’t organically merge the two threads within for several months

this sample is longish, with most daily morning writings being one to one and a half pages long

experimental writing takes many forms and purposes, and in my case, helped me both create and clarify the process of integrating the portions of time in my every day life

it’s been an interesting process 😉

the time frame for this writing is about mid-april in northern vermont…


Volume Four, Day Thirty

huge snow flakes fall in varied fluffs

this morning, the temps hovering

near freezing, but rising into

the low 40s –

should mean no ice

a good thing 😉

we’re out to the pharmacy

for our lotions and potions

from our dr visits yesterday –

today, too

is my next to last posting in this

my first ever series, a month of mornings


a series of months it has been

so much learned from my

wakings and morning


i see enough now, in this short time

of who i am, how i awake each


to feel i can blend the a.m.

into my day

in “everyday gratitudes”


when i began

i didn’t even know

to know

would be a goal and a

good thing to learn…

my days were

still apart –


pieces –

with practice, with these

morning musings

i’ve begun to

stitch the

patterns of my days

into one large comforter

large squares puffy with rounded


here and there 😉

slabs of color next to carousels

swirling to barely-heard


it’s been a joy and a privilege to

set words to the sights of suns


to the opening of my eyes

once more on my wife

near by

the light wed to our


my coffee is ready and

my chores and day awaits

though really

it’s already

very much

begun 😉

© 2012 felipe adan lerma



Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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  1. this is a really cool idea man…to capture a series of mornings…i love your gleening from it…

    i’ve begun to

    stitch the

    patterns of my days

    into one large comforter

    that is really cool…i might have to give this a try…


    • you definitely should! i thought i’d be doing a much longer run of mornings, but they worked their way into so much a part of my days, i’ve now merged them with my daily gratitude writings

      hope you give it a shot brian, i think you’d love it 😉 thanks so much 😉


  2. nice…i’m much of a morning person…love to sit in the half dark, listening to the birds and the silence…hot coffee…hmmm….and setting words to the sights of suns rising sounds just like the perfect thing to do you know…smiles


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